Contest Winner and Weekend at the Oregon, Coast

Betty B. is the winner of the Amazon Gift Card Contest. Congratulations!

Thank you for everyone who participated. I think there was only about ten but hopefully the ten found it fun. The bad thing about contests is there is usually only one winner. The next time I do a contest I shall come up with at least a small prize for everyone who participates.

big_stump_beach_waldport_oregonWell as per normal I am not keeping up with what I said I would keep up with. So what else is new? Did have a great time at the Ocean though! Wow o Wow! It was truly the best time ever. Surprisingly late September and early October is the best time to be at the coast in Oregon. The weather was balmy, the winds were low and every day was the best imaginable. Of course we were only there a short weekend but it was a wonderful one. This was the place we stayed at. The beach is called Big Stump beach, because of this big stump from a giant sequoia. The stump is over 1700 years old and the roots must go down deep and hard for it to stay upright and solid during year after year of the waves rushing in and out. During high tide it is almost submerged and probably is totally during the winter.

The picture is of my sister Barb and her dog, Oscar. I took Pudge of course. The dogs go crazy at the beach. They run and run and run and have so much fun. It is almost worth it just to take them!

Last year I talked about having a week at the beach and inviting anyone who wanted to come (well, ladies that is)  and we would have a fun week. Another thing I didn’t follow through on (the list is endless isn’t it?) anyway I really, really am going to do it for next year. It is just way too much fun too miss! During the off season (which is the best season for Oregon coast) the cottage we stayed at was only $125.00 a night for six people. Add the taxes and the whole bill for the weekend was about $380.00 but still that seemed an awesome time for not a ton of money. The biggest expense for everyone would be the travel of course! But maybe if we start planning now we could actually do it for next year! Let me know if you are interested. This time I would actually book us a place ahead of time and then we would have a concrete date and place to make it a reality. Something to think about.

I’m also way behind in the Beth Moore Bible study. The group is on Day 23 I think and I’ve reached the top of the hill of Day 11 and coasting down into Day 12. But what the heck I’m taking the Bible study for myself so as long as I keep pushing forward and get something out of it, it’s all good.

beth_moore_bible_study_day_10 beth_moore_bible_study_day_11I still am making a Pinterest Pin for each day just at a slower pace. Made two  now for days 10 and 11. Not sure if anyone else likes them or not but they help me to pick out the gem that I find the most powerful for each day. And just perhaps doing them is the PUSH I need to stay the course. I always needs lots of push.

buddy_in_bedSo every day there are a number of things I don’t always get to. Living alone with no one to check up on if I get the dishes washed, the bed made, the floor vacuumed can be a recipe for disaster. But here is proof that it’s not all negative.

Hope you have a very wondeful, blessed and joy-filled day.