It’s time to win a prize!

I have been wanting to try doing a raffle for some time but keep putting it off because I think it is too complicated. But I finally decided it was time to just do it!

So here is my first raffle. I am doing it for my friend, Nancy McGuirk who has a Bible Teaching ministry. She is a popular author and speaker in Atlanta, Georgia.

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I have no idea if a raffle will actually encourage people to check her site out or not – but worth a try right?

The prize is a $25 Gift card to Amazon. I picked that because it offers lots of choices of what you might like to get. The contest just runs a week – starting today. It’s more of an experiment than anything and hopefully if people like doing the raffle I will offer a few more of them. If you do think it is fun and enter will you also share with anyone who likes Bible studies and God stuff!

You can share a tweet more than once I think. (That’s the way it is supposed to work – let me know if it doesn’t)

I will be doing another Beth Moore update. I have fallen behind in it obviously but I go to the group meeting tonight so that should re energize me!

And guess what else is energizing me? I’m going to the ocean for the weekend! Exciting! It’s more of a spur of the moment thing because my nephew is coming back home for a visit and we wanted to celebrate! So my sister (his mom) and husband will be going and hopefully my other sister from Seattle will be coming too. Fun. Fun. Fun.

So that’s my little update. But don’t forget the contest! Please give it a try and let me know what you think. The prize will be awarded by a random drawing on Wednesday, October 15th.

Beth Moore Bible Study – Day 9 – God is at Work in You

beth_moore_bible_study_day_9I have to admit that I am not at the head of the class when it comes to Bible studies. I am more like a limpin Lizzie – always trailing a bit behind, never quite getting all the homework done, the scriptures read or the questions answered. But, even so, I  get a lot from them and God manages to steer me into new directions and fill me with new fervency with just the little that I do manage to do.

This morning I had a SUPER DUPER WAKE-UP – MIRACLE CALL! It really, really was. It’s not that it happened today – but it was today that I realized it was happening.

A week or so ago I was feeling like I was not making enough progress for one of my clients that I do Social Media for. A big part of this was that everything seemed to be blocking my attempts for pushing forward. My internet service was crawling, my laptop was dying, and my frustration level was so out of control my sister actually asked me at one point if I thought I should be on some anti-depression medicine.

So I decided to do what I always do when things get over my head and the flood waters start rising and the ark doesn’t show up at my doorstep to remove me from it all. I started praying a 30 day rosary novena. Only I don’t usually do it 30 days – I just pray 30 rosaries as much as I can and as often as I can. Sometimes 4 a day sometimes less – but I get serious with this.

So bit by bit everything changed. Everything. My laptop got fixed for only $79.00. My internet speed went from a download that was a hair above dial-up to 15 & 16 times better and I worked with a Comcast support person who helped me to get a discount so I could afford it! Thank you God. All that is really, really good – but it wasn’t until I was writing in my journal this morning and figuring out when I started praying the rosaries and when things started changing that I realized something momentous had taken place.

I didn’t realize it at the time but I got the PUSH from above to start that rosary praying on guess what day? The feast of Padre Pio! It was Padre who helped me all through my Novitiate days in the Monastery and Padre and St. Joseph and Mary who saw me through my internet ministry, book publishing, radio and everything else. So when I realized that it was Padre that was giving me a kick and a push and a pull I got a huge pick-up. So huge that as a thank-you I dusted off my prayer bones and went to Mass this morning. Something I haven’t done for a long time. (Been going on Sundays but not during the week).

Then of course I discovered it was the Feast of the Guardian Angels which I really love and it was a real Mass not just a communion service which was extra nice. So there you have it. I now know that Padre has not given up on me even if I temporarily gave up on him. You can’t imagine what a relief that is for a wimpy Catholic.

So I am not even half way through the 30 days of petition and then will start the 30 days of thanksgiving – and I have every confidence that wonderful, glorious, super-duper things will continue to unfold. Maybe not big in the eyes of the world but I know life changing things will happen.

I remember what Sister Eileen used to always tell us, “You can never out give God.”

You can try – but it’s just not going to happen.

Do you have any remembrances where you tried to do something for God and were out given by what He did in return? Please share we would all love to read them I think.


Beth Moore Bible Study – Day 8 Christ Walks Among the Churches

beth_moore_bible_study_day_8Day 8 with Beth Moore is about Jesus walking with us. Just as we are. Where we are.

It is so easy for me to slip away onto the Isle of Discontent. That mode of thought where I start thinking I’m not good enough or doing enough or load myself down with all sorts of other “not enough” baggage. Where I wonder if I should be somewhere else than where I am. Should I be doing this or should I be doing that?

Enough already, right? It’s that kind of thinking that makes me think I need to be bigger and better than just be who I am, where I am and how I am. It’s okay to be an ordinary small person and let an extraordinary BIG GOD do all the other stuff that needs to be doing.

I am trying to be very open to God in my life – but I have to stop the thinking that God is calling me to be a Super Christian. Don’t think so. I think the biggest thing God is calling me to be – is to be content where I am.

A joy-filled Christian is the best witness there is in my book. That’s my desire. To get into the mode of being joyful in all circumstances. Practice it in the little things everyday – so that if something BIG does drop down I can handle it with the same spirit of joy. Sometimes the news scares me to pieces if I think about it – but then I have to be still and trust God.

Some of the most important, important people in my life have been people that were known to very few. People like my small circle of friends and family. Like those who have followed me through my journey of faith in the monastery and out.  When I was in the monastery it was as if that identity made me into a somebody – but truthfully I am still a somebody no matter where I am.

God is with us today. God will be with us tomorrow. Where ever we are. No matter if the earth shakes and falls about us – God will be there. Whew. What a relief.

Beth Moore Bible Study – Day 7 – Called to Serve

Today’s Hangman: September 29
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beth_moore_bible_study_day_7The Joy of the Lord is my Strength.

Sorry I didn’t get back to sending out  a Bible update. Was so behind with my Social Media clients that I needed to spend time catching up. Puff. Puff.  🙂

It does seem to me as if God is telling me about service. Not only was it the message I received during the Beth Moore study and home-reading, but also in yesterday’s sermons (went to St. Mary’s & Oakville). I have noted that when I keep getting a message over and over – it is more than likely a movement of the Holy Spirit. I guess God knows I’m usually spaced out and have to tell me over and over before I tune in!

Interesting. Will see what develops. Share if you are getting this same message as well – or perhaps something different. God reaches out to each of us so individually.

Today looks like it is going to be a beautiful day. Slept in a little bit though so I had better get moving.

Hope your day is full of God’s blessings.


Beth Moore Bible Study – Day 6 – God can Embolden Us!

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beth_moore_bible_study_day_6Well the tides seem to be turning. Yesterday I got my internet back up to speed and today I got my computer fixed! Oh happy, happy Day!

Truthfully what I think has turned things around is that I started a 30 Rosary novena. Sometimes you just have to pull out the big guns as Padre Pio used to say. It was definitely starting to look like working with squirt guns was not going to fight the enemy.

Tuesday I went to Bible study at Oakville and it was a great session. I decided it’s time to be a bit more bold with my faith. Not just for other people’s sake but for my own. When I am wishy-washy with living and walking with Jesus I become dull and apathetic. When I decide it’s time to be gung-ho and let’s go! Life gets much more exciting.

On Wednesday I went to a meeting at St. Mary’s with a small group of women who are planning our next Women’s Faith event. It will be just an evening of sharing and getting to know each other. Our last one was such a success that we are hoping it will continue to grow and be an ongoing thing.

Hope you have a wonderful day and if things are going topsy-turvy remember . . . Prayer Changes Things!

Beth Moore Bible Study – Day 4 & 5

beth_moore_bible_study_day_4It is sort of looking to me that the devil does not like me working on this Bible Study project. I have had nothing but computer and internet trouble since I started. Not that I haven’t been having trouble all along (goes with the life) but it increased to such a point I actually went out and bought a new computer. Which only turned out to be even more of a nightmare and then my laptop seems to come in and out (this is an “in” moment) so that I never can just sit down and do something without a major work around.

At this point I am starting to think that the problem may be old wiring in my house and not my computer at all. I just don’t know. Tomorrow I will take it to work at Oakville and see if it does better. This evening I set up a table next to the circuit box where I figured the current might be at its best. It did seem to work better but will have to try that for several days to be sure.

beth_moore_bible_study_day_5At any rate I went to the second Beth Moore Bible study tonight and got replugged in and determined to keep up with this little project. Here are two images for the days I missed. Getting late now so will post this and be on my way to dream land.

Beth Moore Bible Study – Day 3

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beth_moore_bible_study_day_3Today is a struggle. A struggle to get up and get moving. Somehow the blahs moved in over night and don’t seem to want to leave. The dishes are waiting to be washed. The dining table looks like the discount table in a basement store. Don’t know what to do with something? Pile it here. Office back to its normal state of mass confusion. It’s hopeless. I’m hopeless. I need a maid.

Ate three chocolates and didn’t make a dent in the blues. Should make a cup of coffee and break it up. I know the biggest reason for this is the weather change. I am like a barometer when it comes to mood and weather. Cloudy and rain – aim for the nearest bed and burrow under. Confession? I already took a nap and it didn’t help.

And to match the mood of the day – even Beth Moore’s bible thoughts for today don’t seem to break through the fog. Bible study by oneself is boring. That’s the truth for me. I like to be in a group and listening to everyone’s thoughts even if I don’t come up with any of my own.

But perhaps this is exactly where I am – Beth’s thoughts today are about power. The power of the Holy Spirit like wind rustling through the world with the force of a typhoon. Poosh! Blast! Swirl, twirl and thrust.

And then she includes this quote. “The wind blows where it will.”

You know that is the thing. I want the wind to blow where I want it to blow, in the way I want it to blow and when I want it to blow. What’s with this  wind having a will of it’s own that’s not mine? What’s with God’s spirit not being under my control? That can get downright scary. You know the quote, “Surrender to God and He will do everything for you?”It sounds wonderful and I would love to have God do everything for me . . .  I just don’t like to practice the surrendering part of it. The sit back and wait for it. The do the daily duties and get em done till the Lord comes type of thing.

I want the show to begin!

I want what the quote I used from Beth’s study for the day to fill me and make me aware of God’s great activity in my life. “I long to be keenly conscious of God’s power and presence.”

I’m too full of my own thoughts. I’m running on Patty fuel not God fuel. No wonder the day is too heavy for me to push through it.

But how do I change this? How do I drink from God’s well and be filled with God’s life giving water? Pray a rosary? Read some scripture? Be still and know that God is near?

At the church where I am secretary we are all burdened by an accident that happened to one of our members on Tuesday. Nancy was driving down the country road she has probably driven a zillion times but this time something happened. Perhaps one of her wheels slipped off the road in a moment of distraction, we don’t know but suddenly the movement from pavement to gravel spun the car out of control. We think then perhaps that she hit the gas pedal instead of the break. One minute the day was calm and the next it was life-threatening. Her car smashed into a tree, wrapped itself around it and rolled on its side pinning her underneath.

God was there, he always is. Help came. She was helicoptered to the nearest hospital and yesterday she made it through the first of a series of surgeries. But oh my goodness how her life will be changed from this moment forward. How her family will be changed. How we all are changed by these few seconds that turns everything around and inside out.

So there, perhaps that is what I needed to deal with and speak about. The feeling of helplessness when someone you know and love is thrust into a REMIX of life and the rest of us, the side liners don’t quite know what to do about it. How to deal with it. We are all so interconnected with each other. What happens to one member of the body affects us all.

The feeling of helplessness can become a burden of hopelessness unless we step back and give it to God.

I want to be a fixer. I want to be able to make everything better. Smooth things over and put a cherry on top. But I can’t because life is too big and too hard and too immense. It’s only God that can do the things that need to be done. To make the crooked ways straight and desert to bloom.

Be still, be still, be still.

God’s mighty power is here. God’s love is present in my life and in all life. No matter the darkness of the moment God can and will break through with light and joy and gladness.

Somewhere in the Old Testament there is a line that fits for this. “You have to do nothing but be still”something like that. Oh! Here it is. I had to use Bible Gateway and find it. The quote is from Exodus 14:14. “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

Got to remember that. Let the Lord fight for me. For you. For Nancy. I need only to be still.

Surely I can do that? I hope.



Beth Moore Bible Study – Day 2

Click image to play puzzle

Well, last nights Bible study with Beth Moore turned out to be more earth shaking than I possibly could have thought!

Once again, it turns out that God is guiding and directing me more than I give Him credit for! I don’t know why it has to be a daily lesson for me but there it is.

I didn’t know what to expect or what I was even hoping for but this is what the first study (the introduction) was about or at least my take on it. Beth started by giving the background on how the book of Thessalonians came to be written.  She explained how the three authors of this book, Paul, Silvanus (Silus) and Timothy came to be part of a team that worked together.

That happened because of what she called a REMIX!

A remix is when something changes in our life that causes us to go in a new direction, with new people and often in new places. In the case of Paul it was because of an explosive argument with Barnabus (his constant companion to that point). As a result the two broke up as traveling companions and went their separate ways. Two missionary teams were formed instead of one – each would develop their own charism and ministry for spreading God’s kingdom.

What came to my mind was how cells split up and divide, split up and divide in order to grow. The HUGE breakthrough for me was that I have always held onto the thought that the break-up of the church was a bad thing not a good thing. And that the constant division of one church breaking up into two churches was a sign of weakness and failure. With this new insight it put a lot of things into a total new perspective for me.

You see – perhaps from the very beginning God allowed that our weaknesses would be a source of strength for the whole body of Christ. Our divisions (a bad thing perhaps but transformed by God into good) would spread the Kingdom of God not necessarily divide it! All my life I thought it was such a shame that the Church just keeps splitting and splitting. And it was happening from the very beginning – not just with the Protestant/Catholic thing. It started practically from day one with Adam and Eve and their kids and their kids and on and on.

Each time that split happens Beth shared it brings a REMIX into our lives. When we leave a relationship or job or place it causes a shake-up in our lives. This can happen not through any fault of our own. It can happen with an accident, a death, a loss of job, a new job, retirement or almost anything that causes a life change. This remix forces us to do things differently. To make new friends, try new things, experience new ways of living, growing and being.

This REMIX is not a bad thing and in fact in many cases it is a GOD thing. Sometimes in our own stubbornness or inability to see or understand we stay stuck in relationships and jobs and places rather than move when we feel the nudge of the Holy Spirit to get out of our comfort zone. So God allows shake-ups in our life so that we learn (over and over) that we are to rely on HIM not on people, places or things.

For me on a more personal level it was “OH MY, perhaps this is why I left the monastery. I was starting to feel more and more trapped by how things were developing and changing. And these changes came about naturally, through the death of some of the older sisters that I relied on and the new regrowth that was developing after that, was not something I found myself growing into. It was not the fault of the sisters that stayed or even of me – it was just a REMIX and that meant what was working before for me was not working now.

Asking what would have happened if I stayed in the monastery would be like asking what would have happened if Martin Luther had not left? It was something that the times and the circumstances thrust him into. That split turned the church topsy-turvy but it was not just one man (priest) leaving it was the whole pot fermenting and bubbling over till something happened. Change! REMIX.

My saintly mentor in leaving the monastery was Saint Anthony of Padua who left the order of Augustinians to join the order of Saint Francis. Should he have stayed? Would he have done the great things he did in the Franciscan order in the Augustinian order? Who knows? What about Mother Theresa? If she had stayed with her community would she have done the great things that came as a result of her REMIX?

I think even of my own parents who both experienced a divorce before meeting each other, getting married and having 7 more children. That was a total REMIX and it resulted in some good things. (At least for me as I would never have been born if it had not happened.) Good things and bad things happen as a result of the changes that happen in our life.

We can fight or resist the change or we can praise God and embrace it. Life never, ever holds still.

So there you have it, my insights on day one of the Beth Moore Bible study. The funny thing is that last night when it came time to share, I didn’t. I had all these thoughts that were percolating but nothing felt solid enough to share. Now I have dumped the whole load on you! Oh well, read what you want and leave the rest. Good advice from 12 step that works for almost everything!


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Beth Moore Bible Study – Day 1

beth_moore_bible_study_day_1So, today is the first day of the Beth Moore Bible Study. It’s not till tonight but I know if I wait till I get home I will be too tired to  do anything on the computer. So here is the first quote I took from day one of her study. What is nice is that for each day she has one quote already high-lighted so I will probably take that quote for the day to make an image of. I really like this one. Hope the others are as powerful.  You can also play this as a puzzle.

As for other things, I am once again (the millionth time) trying to work on this site a little bit each day. I do want to get back to adding new games, puzzles and things. The thing is it often takes 2 – 3 hours a day to get things going and I don’t often have that much time anymore – or at least I tell myself I don’t. And often times of course it doesn’t take that much time but my mind THINKS it does and I don’t get started.

Today’s Word Search Puzzle: Thessalonians 1
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So this is enough for today. Let me know what you think in the comments.


Starting a Beth Moore Bible Study

beth_moore_1So, the time between writing on the blog seems to stretch longer and longer. I guess because I am working on other people’s websites I have no time for my own. Like the painter whose house never gets painted or the plumber who has leaky faucets.

At Oakville Church where I am the church secretary they are starting a new Woman’s Bible Study. I went to the Fall session last year but had to quit because I started working the night shift at the Villas. Now I am no longer working there and have free nights again so am going to try again. This one is Beth Moore’s “Children of the Day,” study on the book of Thessalonians.

There is a reading each day and I thought it might be fun to do a blog post on each day talking about it. I have no idea if you will be interested in my ramblings about it so feel free to pass it by, unsubscribe or whatever. Just something that I thought might give me a daily momentum for getting back into being more consistent here.

I will also be creating a Pinterest pin for it each day. I thought that might be fun. Will see. I am going to create a board on my Pinterest page just for Beth Moore and this will be an easy way to add a pin a day to it. All about making my Christian walk fun and keep me with a goal to keep on, keeping on.

Last night I watched a short video that Beth Moore did on one of her live presentations. Since I know zero about Beth starting out I wanted to get a glimpse of what she is like and whether or not I would like the study. (Whenever I go to something new I always have my doubts of whether or not I’m going to like it! Sort of a pre-attack from the guy with horns). Anyway this one was quite good and I told myself, “Well, maybe this won’t be so bad . . .

Let me know what you think.