What to do? Why nothing at all

I have entered a new phase of my life. Phase 9932. That’s a rough estimate. Could be a thousand more or less. At any rate in this new phase I have become aware that in a good many ways I have been trying to make a name for myself with books and all manners of things that are really nothing more than a vain attempt to be prove to myself that I was something of value.

In this new phase (that comes with age to most of us given the chance to get older) that I really don’t care if I prove myself to anyone or not. I am now just about living and enjoying each day and not struggling to be anything much but myself.

For now I have stopped working on the book about me. Mainly because I was writing it in a place where I was too negative and the thing came out that way. The more I wrote about the negative the more I got mired in it and the truth was and is, is that my life has never been negative. For the most part it has been wonderfully positive.

Perhaps at some point I will finish the book and maybe not. Who knows?

My new mantra of late is the quote from St. John of the Cross. “He must increase and I must decrease.”

And what I have found by living with this thought is that life does not have to be as much struggle as I made it out to be. It can simply be living each day as it comes. No biggee.

No pushing big rocks up steep hills.

Of course that does not mean I am not working on another book. Who would I be without working on a book? Such a part of me still. This book though is not one destined to be a best seller or anything that I have to contort myself into selling at all. It is a book for the Oakville Church to celebrate their 165th anniversary. And most of the work has been done before as the church already did such a book for their 150th. This is more of an expanded and revised version.

And I am really liking my new job working with at the adult home for developmentally disabled adults. Some days its almost like not working at all. Sort of like taking 8 hours out of my day to be around people that are easy to love and be with. That includes the staff as well as the adults we care for.

This job is the perfect job for me. It helps me to see things more simply. The four adults we care for are loved and cherished by God just for being themselves. How freeing is that? That is what we are all about. It’s not about who is smarter or richer or prettier. It’s just about being who we are and being loved by God.

On my time off I am simply reading books, cleaning my house, reading books, playing with a new little pond in my back yard and planting a few flowers. I am enjoying studying Excel, and Word and Publisher for my Oakville job and for myself through courses at Lynda.com. Oh and of course Pudge just reminded me about taking him for walks which is something I should think about doing now.

I am not sure about this site. I am of half a mind to stop it but who knows. For now I will just let it be and write if something comes to mind and if no one reads or not reads it’s no big affair. Life is so much more not about me. Who would have ever thought?


Buddy and the Tin Man

buddy-jan2015aMoving into new days of gladness and hope. Yesterday I finished my last training course in Salem. It was really an amazing training time. I learned a lot and feel more confident at being able to handle some of the things I might come up with working in the CCS  (Catholic Community Services) home. In fact I am excited to go to work today and look at things with a new perspective.

This is a picture of Buddy I took on Saturday. I was getting ready to go out with my sister Barb and I was standing in front of my house waiting for her to arrive. I looked in the window and there was Buddy looking out. Was too cute. He likes to sit on the chair and look out so I open the curtains a bit so he has a better view.

corvallis_tin_manAnother picture I took on this same day was of this cute tin man in Corvallis. He stands about eight feet tall. Across the street (at a car place I think) are some more figures made this way. I will get pictures of them next time. Just love them. So far I don’t know too much about them but I think I will try to find out.

Update on Book

I have decided to slow down again with the book. With the new job and the big training curve of learning things every day I found I was just too brain tired when I came home at night to work on the book. I just wanted to read something light (like Harry Potter) and watch something on NetFlix. No matter how much I tried to kick myself to sit down at the computer I just couldn’t do it. So I decided to take stock of life at the moment and adjust accordingly.

I have three more days of being in training and then in February I start actually working the floor. So then I think things will start fitting into more of a rhythm and I can get back with the book.

Okay – now had best get myself out the door and get to work. Hope you have a wonderful, super filled day in the Lord.




Finally! Readers wanted for book review

typewriter-bookIt has taken me longer than I expected but my book (If I’m Not Me, Who Will Be?) is at the second review stage. It still needs lots of work but at this point I need some brave souls who will volunteer to read it and give me some honest feedback.

The more honest the better! Do not be afraid of hurting my feelings. I really want to know where it limps, gags or bores you to death.At this point in the stage it will be easier to fix.

This doesn’t mean I will whip myself around in knots to try and change it to make everyone happy but at this point with the book I just can’t tell whether it is good, redeemable or best left hidden in the deepest corner of my computer storage till it gets accidentally deleted.

The book is long. 17 chapters at 75,493 words.This is about 300 pages in book form which is I guess is an average length for a novel.  I’m sure it needs chopping right and left though you might also find glaring blanks where you are left wondering what happened next? Those are the parts I definitely need to know about.

Finally just to narrow down the review field. I would like to get feedback in two weeks. I realize not everyone has the time or inclination to read the whole thing that fast but I want to keep moving with the book so if you take the book (in pdf form) and find that you only read a chapter or two don’t wait till you might someday finish it but please give me feedback on what you do read by February 3rd.

Finally I also need people who will correct grammar, spellings and anything else that will make the book better. My thought was if you are willing to help with that – would be to assign one chapter per person for editing review. Breaking it into smaller pieces makes it more manageable. I would send each grammar reviewer the whole book though because it will make more sense if you are working on chapter ten to know what went on before.

So any takers? I am not going to put the finished book on the site for anyone to download. I will email a pdf of it just those who are willing to read it and give a few sentences (minimum) to a few paragraphs review.

If you are willing to take a chapter to do a grammar edit of a chapter or two please let me know that as well.

Thank you so very much!

You can either leave your answer in the comments or email me patty@joyinjesus.net

Blessings of all Peace and All Good!


Happy New Year 2015

Today’s Hangman: January 1, 2015
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happy new year 2015Happy and Blessed New Year!

So far I haven’t set any goals for the coming year except for getting my book published and on its merry little way. Getting close!

On Monday I start the orientation for new job so that will definitely be a new way to start the New Year. Poor Pudge will probably go crazy with my long hours on Mondays and Fridays but at least he has Buddy to keep him company.

May all the Joys of Jesus be yours in the coming year!







Jesus can use any act of love to change a life

Joy4“Jesus can use any act of love to change a life.” This was the sermon message yesterday from guest pastor – Pastor Ron Johnson at Oakville Presbyterian church. It was a great sermon I hope it got recorded because it is one I think I could easily listen to over and over again.

I finally, finally finished a section in the book that I was finding almost impossible to write. That was the part of my younger brother’s Tony’s death. It had a big miracle in it which was why I wanted to include it but still was very hard to get into it. I know for a fact it was Pastor Ron’s sermon that gave me the push to do it.

I now have most of the pieces of the book completed. A few more content edit corrections (or maybe a lot) and then I can move into grammar editing. This did not become a 30 day wonder as I was hoping but at least that 30 day push got most of the book written and that was a major. The biggest obstacle to all endeavors is getting started.

I am hoping to have it laid out in book form in the next few days and then anyone who is willing to give it a read and give some feedback on it I will be very grateful for. Part of the slow down with the book is that I entered that slump period where it seems, “too long, too boring and why in the heck am I doing this anyway,” period. So its very important to get fresh eyes looking at it and give honest feedback on what to cut back, cut out, build up, forget, etc.

Now it’s time to get going. Pudge wants to go for a walk and I’m not ready for work. Zooom!

Today’s Hangman: December 29
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“Only if people change will the world change; and in order to change, people need the light that comes from God, the light which so unexpectedly [on the night of Christmas] entered into our night.” Pope Francis


Come, let us adore Him



It’s almost Christmas. I hope yours is filled with all the gifts of Advent – Peace, Joy, Hope and Love.

Yesterday was a fun day. I went to Salem to do the paper work for my new job as a Direct Care provider. It didn’t take too long though because I have not been in Oregon for five years (almost though!) I had to go across the street and get fingerprinted at the Police Station. Hope they don’t find my criminal record!  (Just kidding – I don’t think I’ve gotten caught so there shouldn’t be one.) God already knows my finger prints and my criminal record.

Then I went to the Catholic book store which I have been wanting to go to for a long time but never made the trip to Salem to do it. I didn’t spend much time there because I didn’t want to find things to buy! I did talk with the store people there who are very nice and I gave them some free copies of my books and hopefully people will buy them and they will order some more. They did say they have had my books in the store before though so that was nice.

I work today at Oakville and not sure about Friday. Can use the money though so it will be okay if I do. On Saturday I am going to dog sit, Abbie for my favorite sitting job. The lady that I do this for says I can make a fire (it will already be laid out) and I can just sit and enjoy the beauty of their Christmas tree and a fire. How lovely is that!

Don’t start my new job until January 5th. A bit nervous about it – but will probably do fine.

Hope you have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas!





New job, new energy, new enthusiasm

memory4nativityI have found a new job! I know I switch jobs faster than some folks switch TV channels but each one gets better so it’s all a good thing. Least I hope so. It’s a part time job so I can still keep working at Oakville as their Church secretary which was my hope in job searching.

My new job (haven’t done all the testing yet so not solid yet) will start on Monday, January 6th. It is working as a direct care giver for one of five Paragon homes run by Catholic Charities out of Salem, Oregon. This one is only a mile and a half from my home so it makes for an easy commute. I think it will be challenging but I think I will like it. There are only five in this home so there will be lots on one-on-one time. The hours are from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Friday through Sunday and 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. on Monday. It’s 32 hours a week which is the best job I’ve found so far for number of hours and I will be getting full benefits after two months. That will be good.

So now I can continue to work on my book and the Joy in Jesus site without feeling I have to make money off of them. Can just make them more of a ministry work rather than help support me work. That takes the pressure off. The book is well under way. It’s getting a content edit by a friend in my copywriting mentor group. Then when I have all the bits and pieces fitting together in logical order I will work on the grammar editing. Of which, the good Lord knows the cup runneth over with!

AND I am working with renewed enthusiasm on the Joy in Jesus site. Since it has laid low for months at a time there is a lot of catch up work to do. I’m going to be redoing all the puzzle pages plus adding more. Also will be doing more memory cards, Wordsearch and hangman puzzles… and I’m going to work on the E-Card site and get that up to a better level. Lots to do for the start of an almost new year!

What I am really happy about with this new job is that I will not be working on the computer doing stuff for other people – so when I come home I will have enthusiasm and energy to work on the Joy in Jesus ministry. It’s hard to work a lot of hours for someone else on their stuff and have any energy to turn around and do the same thing for myself. Because this new job works over the weekend and my church job works only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday – I will have Tuesdays and Thursdays completely off from either job. The two jobs together will work very well.

Yipee doo dah day! Like my sister Euli says, this is an early Christmas present!

Since I will be making enough money I am going to pay for a professional cover and have that done sometime in January. Thinking now of having the “official” publication date be March 19th the feast of Saint Joseph for the print version. The eBook version may be sooner not sure yet!

An inspirational video

Wanted to share this inspirational video that O’Nell shared with me. I am sure you will like it too.

I’ve done it again

Take-the-Next-Exit---Paperback-1-450pxOkay – this is the umpteenth, zillionith time I have changed the book cover – but I am sure I am coming in on the home stretch now. New title and new cover.

I decided I want to move away from the “Not Me” title – and also be more clear about what the book is about. So I hope this is it! It is not me on the cover but it could certainly be me and Pudge. It fits and I like it.

What do you think?