Joy in Jesus – Palm Sunday Puzzle

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This is coming the day after Palm Sunday – but I’m trying to play catch-up! Going to try and create a puzzle for each day of Holy Week.

Today was a beautiful, beautiful day. I went to Mass with my sister and then instead of going to the Worship Service at Oakville I decided to stay closer to home for the day. The day was so warm with blue sky and birds singing and totally heavenly I decided to play spiritual hooky. The Palm Service at St. Mary’s was lovely and I felt I had enough in my heart to keep the day going.

Yesterday my landlord came and put in a really nice screen door for my front entrance. It took longer than he expected but oh my, is it wonderful! I had not done anything with my front yard so far this Spring but after getting this nice new door and having the weather so nice as well I decided it was time to do something about it. So I went flower shopping! I bought two flats of pink and white petunias and I am going to have the whole front flowerbed with just those. I think they will be very pretty. I also bought some low, white, border fencing to put along the edge to set the flowers off. Can’t wait to get everything planted! I prepared the ground today which took a long time because it was full of tough grass roots. Was great working in the sun! I’m not usually a garden person but a Spring day like today softens the hardest non gardeners heart!

Tomorrow is a double work day but maybe I can still get an hour of work in on it. Hope so.

God bless you and fill you with all that you most desire!




Joy in Jesus – Cute Snowman


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Today’s Word Search Puzzle: Love is Patient
Today’s Hangman: January 28
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Well, I can’t say this has been a high accomplishment day. I went to work and did all the things that I needed to do there. Came home and “thought” about all the things I needed to do here . . . did a couple of them and the rest, not so much.

It is now a quarter to eight and I have not written an article for the day. “Oh dear what can the matter be?”

A lot of time I operate under the illusion that tomorrow I will feel much more like doing  something. Much better to wait until tomorrow. Yes, indeed, tomorrow I will wake up with lots of energy and enthusiasm and . . . Of course I know this is called procrastination. I do recognize that. I don’t fight it very well but I do recognize it.

I must tell you about my cat. My cat has a wicked sense of humor. Buddy knows that I do not like him clawing the furniture. So what does he do when he wants to get my attention?

Dumb cat. Sometimes he runs around the house attacking one chair after another in a wild chase like banshees are after him. For awhile I was going after him with the water spray bottle. That worked until I figured out he was making it into a game. How many chairs could he attack before the bottle came out? Now I have decided to ignore him. “Took away all the sport mate!” He’s calmed down considerably. I’m just not any fun.

Well, this is all I have for now. Tomorrow is another day. Hope yours is a great one!








Valentine Moose and Valentine Bear Memory Game

moosevIt is a little bit early to be thinking of Valentine’s day I suppose, but if I wait than I get caught up in something else and it’s too late.

So – just to get you in the mood. Here are two Valentine memory games. This one is with Moose and the second is with Bears.

I found this wonderful site with great images that are so cute! And best of all I can afford them. God is good. The site is called If you have younger kids or young at heart (I have to admit I have never grown up) – then you will love this site. I asked the artist if it was okay if I used them in the memory games and she said yes. So another happy blessing. I bought lots because she is having a big sale and so I will be making lots valentine_gameof new memory puzzles.

Well – this is all I have done. Oh – well I did a new Word Search called “January Saints” and a new Hangman which I won’t tell you what it is because that will spoil it of course!

I found two new authors that I absolutely love to pieces! The first is Gina Holmes and the book I just finished is called, Wings of Glass. I can’t wait to go to the library and get another. The second book I am reading is a Young Adult book, The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan. This is definitely science fiction or fantasy or a mix of the two I guess – but I like it a lot.

Feeling better. Hoping to start sleeping better – not sure why I haven’t been – just topsy turvy I guess. Hope you have a wonderful and blessed day. A miracle or two I wish for you!

December 17 – O Antiphons

Christmas Nativity Jigsaw Puzzle

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Today’s Word Search Puzzle: December 17 – O Antiphon
Today’s Hangman: December 17
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December 17:

O Wisdom of our God Most High,
guiding creation with power and love:
come to teach us the path of knowledge!

Today is the first of the O Antiphons – the brief prayer recited before the Magnificat at Evening Prayer during the 7 days before Christmas. It’s getting close.

I am reading an “okay” book. It’s a murder mystery and I’m not that much into the mood for that. Wish I had a super, delicious book to read. I went to the library and got four books but somehow when I got home none of them seemed to be what I really wanted. Maybe I need something Christmasy.

One of these days I am really, really going to have to eat better. Like cut down on sugar. These are bad days for that though. 🙂 Oh sigh.

Rosary Book Update for Tuesday – Dec 17, 2013


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