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Christmas Eve is my Dad’s birthday. He is celebrating it in heaven. My mom always made him a pecan pie for his birthday. Since they are both up there together now – maybe they will get some heavenly pecan pie. Course I always thought my mom’s pies were pretty heavenly anyway.

The rosary story today is one that my brother Roy submitted. Hard to believe it has been ten years since doing the book and how so many things have changed. He was in the Caribbean for a long time but came back to Washington State a few months ago. Still haven’t seen him yet – probably not till Spring the way life goes.

Well I must give you a book report on my Christmas books. Finished the first one – and truthfully – didn’t like it that much. So I’d give a pass on that one. The second book I was suspicious of. I thought, “Have I already read this?” Turns out once I got into a bit I realized I had. But it’s good and I have such a poor memory I don’t remember exactly how it turns out so reading it again and enjoying it. This is the one by Mary & Carol Higgins Clark – Dashing Through the Snow.

Hope you all have a very wonderful and blessed Christmas! I am not sure if I will send out a post tomorrow – I think it might be a rather busy day.  🙂

Rosary Book Update for Tuesday – Dec 24, 2013


Day 49 of Book Production
125 days till Publication
Today’s Rosary Story from First Book:

A Special Grace From Mary

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Christmas stove, Christmas books and days before Christmas

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kitchen_stove Today has been an almost Christmas day and it hasn’t even arrived yet. I woke up this morning and went out into the kitchen and there was my beautiful new stove. Somehow it took a day for it to settle in and feel at home but it looked just right and where it should be this morning. I made myself a pancake and wonder of wonders I didn’t even have to swing the frying pan to a just so position so that it would lie flat on the burner. I just set it down and it was perfectly flat. How nice is that? And of course it cooked more evenly. I hadn’t really even thought what a difference it would make to have burners that were flat and not a bit turned up on end.

Then I went to Oakville for the service there. My friend Edith who lives at the Villas has gone to that church for over 25 years I think and now most Sundays I pick her up and we go together. We have such a fun, gossipy, chatty time on our way too and fro. Lots of times we just come home after the service but today we stayed for a bit of fellowship and that was very fun and of course delicious as they had yummy treats.

When I came home the sun was shinning and the world was inviting me to go back out into it. So Pudge and I went for a short trip to the library where I finally got some Christmas books to read! I got three.

A Christmas Blizzard is what I am reading now.  It is by Garrison Keillor – you may know of him from his radio program A Prairie Home Companion. So just like his radio show it is very funny, wry humor. It is the one I decided to start first. It is in very large print so even though it is over 300 pages I will probably get through it today or at least tomorrow.

Then I have Dashing Through the Snow by Carol Higgins Clark. I am hoping this will be good, but no idea. One book I read by her I wasn’t so excited about but this one looks good. So we shall see.

And the last is Christmas Jars by Jason F. Wright. No idea about this book either but someone recommended it in the comments of the posts I shared a few days ago that Cathy sent me. So I made me a list of possible Christmasy books, checked online to see if they were available and then went and got them.

Rosary Book Update for Monday – Dec 23, 2013


Day 48 of Book Production
126 days till Publication
Today’s Rosary Story from First Book:

My Parents Prayers

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Almost Christmas

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Went to Mass this evening. Hard to believe Christmas is only a few days away. Father T told us about this young 13 year old boy who is on hospice. I have seen him once in the church in a wheelchair bed – he had such a beautiful smile and loving mom and sisters. How hard that must be for them this Christmas. I wish someone with the gift of healing would help him, so hard to figure out why some people get healed and some don’t. And only God in his great love knows why.

My new stove came today. It is really nice. So far all I have used it for is to boil some water which it did very nicely. I will have to try out the oven soon and bake something. Lately I have been eating too many sweets and since I have zero resistance to cookies better not do that!

I still didn’t get to the library to pick up a Christmas book. I really could use one tonight. Something nice, warm and comforting. I bought two used books from Amazon about the Miracle stories collected by those two Jewish ladies and they came in the mail today. I am keeping them in their package though as a Christmas present to myself.

Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow with miracles! I think every day should have a miracle in it. Just makes the day so much more exciting.


Rosary Book Update for Sunday – Dec 22, 2013


Day 47 of Book Production
127 days till Publication
Today’s Rosary Story from First Book:

Don’t Give Up

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Put a smile on your Christmas

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Have you ever heard the old saying, “Champagne tastes on a beer pocketbook?”

Well, that is me in the matter of some things. Not clothes or food or houses but when it comes to working on different projects that is me. Always and totally. Now I am thinking of something new to do and of course don’t have the means to do it. But – that is not going to stop me I think. One thing I believe in and that is that if God brings you to it, God will see you through it.

Step by step God leads us into new adventures if only we are bold enough to say yes to them. I don’t know exactly what this new adventure is yet – but I see a bit of it today and I think it will be good. And it is part of the mission I am on with the rosary book. It’s like an impossible, impossible thing and yet I believe, hope and pray that it will all happen.

But if it doesn’t – that is okay too. I have put it all into Mary’s hands – so what happens, happens with her blessing. And if it doesn’t than it wasn’t supposed to be and that will be just as fine because something else is to be. I believe walking and living with God should be full of joy and freedom and love at all that is and happens.

BUT I also believe in taking risks and stepping out of the boat when one hears a voice that says, “Come.” Being a Christian is not for the faint-hearted!

Of course I am faint-hearted more days than not I expect, but still – sometimes – God fills me with an inner joy and conviction to move forward. And this is the thing. I knew it was God that led me out of the monastery – and I knew it was for a reason. I wasn’t sure what and I’m still not clear. But today, I got an inkling, a glimpse that it might be something fun and exciting. Part of it begins with learning Google+ and doing something that is called “hangouts.”

Now I don’t know exactly what a Google hangout is – but I guess it’s like a live television show in which the people on one side of the screen can interact with people on the other side of the screen. Anyway, that is what I am going to step into and see if I can do. My hope is that it might be a way to promote the rosary book and move things along in that direction.

It will take some time. Just little steps at first – but I am going to start by taking a 6-8 week course on learning Google+ and then see how things proceed from there. Will let you know how it goes . . .


Rosary Book Update for Saturday – Dec 21, 2013


Day 46 of Book Production
128 days till Publication
Today’s Rosary Story from First Book:

Mio Papa

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Come, Divine Messiah

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Come, Divine Messiah

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Well, it finally happened! I got in the Christmas Spirit and put up a Christmas tree! Will wonders never cease. Last year I just had a tiny little one on in my Kitchen but this year I went all the way and put up a real tree.

It all started when I picked up a few Christmas things from my sister this morning. And once I started adding a bit more Christmas to the house it all of a sudden seemed like a good idea to go and get a tree! And so when I took Pudge to get his Christmas grooming session I went looking for a tree. The first place had only big trees that started at $25.00. I did not want a big tree nor did I want to pay $25.00. So I decided to forget it but then driving back I found another place that was selling trees from straight from a tree farm. (Little know Oregon fact: “Oregon is the leading producer of Christmas trees – 8.6 million were harvested in 2001). )

Well, it certainly seemed like a good idea to support a local tree farmer so I drove into the lot. I found a beautiful, beautiful tree for only $5.00! It’s about four feet high and fitted perfectly with just one inch to spare into the back seat of my car. I had put up a tree the first year I moved to Albany in 2010 that was about the same size so I had just the right amount of lights and decorations. It looks very nice and so I have now officially decked the halls!

When I had finished decorating the tree it was time to pick Pudge up from the groomer. He was so happy to see me and he looked so much better. Poor little guy he had gotten terribly matted because his hair was so long and he loves to roll and roll in the grass and everywhere else (carpet will testify to that). Last night I could tell he was rather miserable so I made up my mind that would be his Christmas present.

Rosary Book Update for Friday – Dec 22, 2013


Day 45 of Book Production
129 days till Publication
Today’s Rosary Excerpt from First Book:

Such is the greatness of Mary,
such the favor she has with God,
that he who when in need of help
would not run to her,
would wish to fly
without the aid of wings.
Pope Leo XIII

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Christmas Fun & Rosary story

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Quiet day. This was Senior Lunch at the church – and the ladies made another delicious meal. Totally scrumptious delumptious! Definite benefit for working at the Church!

Other than that nothing spectacular about the day. A good day though – just a quiet one. I’m always looking for miracles and things like that and of course they are all around but I like the ones with a bit of excitement to them. Probably better be careful not to get too exciting ones though. Don’t really want to be hit by lightening and knocked off my horse even if I need it!

Think I will play a game of Mahjong and do the Word Search puzzle and then think about bed. Nice way to end the day. I’ve been reading stories from one of my favorite books before I turn out the light. I have shared it before. Small Miracles for Women by Yitta Halberstam and Jdith Leventhal.

Cathy Almeter shared with me two nice links for Christmas books to read after I was mentioning here that I wanted to read something Christmasy. I hope to go to the library tomorrow and find one or two of them. Here are the links in case you want to check them out as well.

Christmas Novels for Adults 

Christmas Books for Children and Adults

Rosary Book Update for Monday – Dec 19, 2013


Day 44 of Book Production
130 days till Publication
Today’s Rosary Story from First Book:

I Want to be Repaid

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Maranatha – Come, Lord Jesus

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It’s getting a bit late as I write this. I went to Bible study tonight and the fog was very thick. I was thankful there were few cars on the road. As it was I did make one wrong turn but got back on the road and continued on. Was a good Bible study – or last now till January. Hope the fog is better by then. One can always hope.

On Saturday (I think) I am getting a brand new stove! Oh my goodness. How nice that will be. Perhaps I will be tempted to cook more. At least for a week or two I imagine. Tonight I decided to bake the rest of my cookies in my too hot oven. I thought I could get away with baking just one pan but wasn’t too successful. Came out a bit darker than planned. I took them to the Bible study and a few got eaten and the rest came back home for me to munch on. There were only six of us I think and another lady had brought cookies as well so not surprised there were some to bring home. So much for getting rid of the temptation in my house!

Tomorrow at work the church ladies have a Senior Luncheon. They have it once a month for any senior who would like to come. They have been doing it for many years so there is always a good crowd. The food is always super good and the tables are lovingly decorated with beautiful cloths and flowers and this time there are even little Christmas favors at each place. I hope to get a picture tomorrow. I always get invited for lunch. Yum.

Rosary Book Update for Monday – Dec 18, 2013


Day 43 of Book Production
131 days till Publication
Today’s Rosary Message from First Book:Holiness is union with God—
union with God depends upon two factors:
on God and on man—
on God’s initiative and man’s response.
All holiness, all union with God,
starts with God.
It was God who kept sin from Mary’s soul
from the first moment of her existence.
It was God who chose Mary
to be the Virgin Mother of His Son.
It was God who lifted Mary,
body and soul,
to unending union with Him.
All union with God starts with God.
Walter J Burghardt, S.J.Read more stories from first bookSubmit a story: click here