Beth Moore Bible Study – Day 6 – God can Embolden Us!

Today’s Hangman: September 26
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beth_moore_bible_study_day_6Well the tides seem to be turning. Yesterday I got my internet back up to speed and today I got my computer fixed! Oh happy, happy Day!

Truthfully what I think has turned things around is that I started a 30 Rosary novena. Sometimes you just have to pull out the big guns as Padre Pio used to say. It was definitely starting to look like working with squirt guns was not going to fight the enemy.

Tuesday I went to Bible study at Oakville and it was a great session. I decided it’s time to be a bit more bold with my faith. Not just for other people’s sake but for my own. When I am wishy-washy with living and walking with Jesus I become dull and apathetic. When I decide it’s time to be gung-ho and let’s go! Life gets much more exciting.

On Wednesday I went to a meeting at St. Mary’s with a small group of women who are planning our next Women’s Faith event. It will be just an evening of sharing and getting to know each other. Our last one was such a success that we are hoping it will continue to grow and be an ongoing thing.

Hope you have a wonderful day and if things are going topsy-turvy remember . . . Prayer Changes Things!

Joined the iPhone generation – picture of Pudge

Pope Francis I quotes Jigsaw Puzzle
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Yesterday I took the plunge and bought my first iPhone. Since I am working with Social Media it became a necessity. Pretty hard to do Instagram for a client if one doesn’t have an iPhone. I can also use it for Twitter, Facebook and all the other Social Media programs.

Anyway – what I really wanted to share is a picture of Pudge! I took it with the phone. A bit grainy – but good enough.


Of course, Buddy will be my next victim! Get one of him later today. Now I have to finish my oatmeal and get ready for work. This is the last day of VBS! On Wednesday when I was there the kids were having so much fun. They practically yelled the roof off! Pastor John was telling me that some of the older kids get upset when they realize they are too old to come back the next year. So the fix for that of course is to get them to volunteer to help out.

Have a super, wonderful day. Going to be a hot one here.

Joy in Jesus – Bryce Canyon Puzzles

BBelieving in God doesn’t give us tools to protect ourselves or our loved ones from evil, or pain or sorrow, but we can know that in all the things that happen to us God is beside us, before us, behind us, within us.”

This quote is from the book I am reading that I was telling you about yesterday.  The Baby Promise by Carolyne Aarsen.

Laundromat where I work a bit

Just for interest sake I thought you might like to see the laundromat where I work. It’s certainly not anything fancy just your typical laundromat. I was thinking to myself on the way to work this morning if I owned a laundromat I would make it more fun!

I would include a play area for kids and a little side place with a few round tables for sitting with a friend or doing one’s homework. Definitely include Wi-Fi! Maybe a lending library.

And here is the funny thing.

I was thinking if I had a laundromat I would include one free washing machine and dryer for low-income folks to use. Because the owner was telling me about some of the street people who would come into do their laundry and I thought, “Oh my gosh! It costs at least five dollars to wash and dry a load of laundry. How could street people afford to do that very often??

Then I read Kathy’s comment yesterday about the Laundry Project.  We were both on the same wave length.

I suppose places like shelters and stuff have free laundry facilities. I don’t know. Seems like they should if they don’t!

Bryce Canyon National Park Jigsaw Puzzle
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Today’s Word Search Puzzle: Things that are Pink
Today’s Hangman: June 20
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Joy in Jesus – Online Divine Mercy Jigsaw Puzzle

Easter Puzzles
Divine Mercy Sunday
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WWell, a bit has happened since my last post on Palm Sunday!

On Good Friday I notice I was having some eye trouble and I decided to quit my overnight job at the Villas. I had been praying for a sign of whether to continue on or not and I figured if it ever started to show up in health problems it was time to quit. I didn’t know what the eye trouble was but didn’t seem worth risking it to get worse.

I went through Easter Sunday and Monday with my eyelid inflamed but thought it would get better by itself. On Tuesday when it hadn’t I went to Urgent Care where it was decided it was Pink Eye. On Friday my eye hadn’t improved but worsened and I went back to Urgent Care. This time I had a doctor and she took one serious look and said that she thought it was Shingles in my eye. Much more serious than Pink Eye!

On Monday I will go to an eye doctor and get it confirmed or not. In the meantime the eye doctor (was late Friday afternoon) said I would be fine until Monday. I did get started on treatment right away though and this time I am seeing great improvement. Hopefully it will continue without developing any more seriously. My hope. I haven’t gone back to work at the Villas since giving my two week notice because I have not been feeling well enough to do so. At this point I rather think I won’t be going back at all as by the time it is cleared up my two weeks will be over. I really, truly don’t want to work the night shift ever again. 🙂

Easter Puzzles
Easter Puzzles
Easter Puzzles
Large Size
Easter Puzzles

I did create some Easter puzzles for Easter Sunday – but it was too hard for my eye to be on the computer for very long so I didn’t get a message sent. At least Easter lasts 50 days I think so there is still time to enjoy if anyone wants to. The full set of Easter puzzles is here.

I am hoping in the days ahead to have more time to get back to adding puzzles and games more regularly.

Happy and Blessed Easter! Happy Divine Mercy Sunday!


April Showers Memory Game


To play this puzzle click here

Here is a new memory puzzle. I don’t know if anyone likes to play them as much as I do. But anything to help my memory and is fun is a good thing in my mind. I plan to make about a hundred of these  . . . so . . .

I also plan to create a lot more jigsaw puzzles. I’m praying that at some point I will be able to come up with a script that will allow the jigsaw puzzles to be played on tablets but so far the expense is a bit beyond my budget. But will keep praying away until something happens. 🙂 I have a lot of National Parks to finish but I also want to do a whole section of Scripture puzzles. A nice blend I think.

Today I only had to work one job so it feels like a day off. I did an errand this morning and after that it’s been lazy day working on the computer and reading a book. You won’t guess the book I am reading today. It’s a western. Louis L’amour. I used to love his books and yesterday I found one at work in the library (they let us read them) and so I thought just for fun I’m going to read it. So that’s been what I’ve been doing. Enjoying it very much. What I never realized before was how much moral bits and pieces L’amout puts in his books. Pretty amazing. Even though there is a lot of shoot em up and bury em that goes on – there is a definite sense of good over evil that is kind of nice.

Well – guess I had better think about trying to go to sleep. Midnight comes soon enough. Hope you have a wonderful, joy-filled, God-filled day!


P.S. If you think anyone would like to play this puzzle please share it.

Joy in Jesus – Snow Fun

m15_500pxPlay this Memory Puzzle

The weather is supposed to be cold again. So good time to introduce a new Snow Puzzle!

Today’s Word Search Puzzle: Love is Patient
Today’s Hangman: February 3
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Next month I am going on a Women’s Retreat – think I said this before. Anyway there will be about 15 of us and we are renting a house on the coast. Exactly what I hope to do in the Fall! So that will be fun and I will see how it works out and have more to share for the ‘Joy in Jesus’ retreat.

Not much going on. I am trying to find another little part time job to fill in the cracks with what I have now. No luck so far but I keep looking and I am sure the right thing will come up. I could go back to the Villas – I might – but will have to think about it a lot! 🙂


Joy in Jesus: Stay tuned for upcoming Changes!

t-teapot-5-428x400Play this Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s Word Search Puzzle: John 1:1-5
Today’s Hangman: January 21
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I am starting to get a glimpse of new direction for my life, mission wise at any rate. Instead of trying to write another book this year I have decided to work on writing in a different direction. One thing that I really like to do is work in some way with evangelization. This has been one thread that has been consistent with everything that I did in the monastery,with the Family Fun Puzzle site and now here on this Joy in Jesus site. Even with my work at Oakville church there has been an element of doing work that benefits God’s Kingdom.

So rather than looking for something new I am going to concentrate on – Joy in Jesus – in a more directed way. By this I mean writing a bit more on different ministry and works that I come in touch with. It will be a change and I don’t know if it will work for me or if it will work for what you want to see here but I am going to give it a try.

It will not be entirely Roman Catholic either but rather on anything that is like the Jesuit’s say – Good, beautiful and true. I am thinking of interviewing different people in ministries around the world. What I really want to do is start a weekly Google Hangouts on Air show. It will be aired live so anyone can tune in (if you can watch a YouTube video you can tune in) and it will also be recorded so anyone can watch it at any time. The thing that is exciting about Google Hangouts on Air (HOA) is that anyone who watches can submit a question, comment or thought to join in the conversation.

I won’t be starting this for awhile. I am thinking perhaps sometime in March (St. Joseph’s month).  In the meantime I will concentrate on learning how to do this, setting up interviews and getting all the pieces into play so that I can do this well.

This last Sunday I met two wonderful groups that would be fun to have as guests on my program. One is a couple that belongs to Oakville Church. Every year they go on mission to Haiti to teach the people there how to make stoves that provide inexpensive heating. This couple is just plain fun, warm and full of the joy of Jesus! They have a large house with seven bedrooms and they opened it up this last week so a group of Catholic sisters who live next to them could hold a retreat for some Catholic girls from the Newman center at OSU (Oregon State University). This was my first time meeting the sisters and it was wonderful to see how full of enthusiasm and joy-filled they were.

I had been praying for some God direction on my way to church on Sunday and after the service, this couple invited me to come over to their house and meet the sisters. So I did. It felt like a God directed thing. Wasn’t sure just how but I think maybe this is the direction I would like to move towards. The show will be called, ‘Joy in Jesus’ so it will become a vital part of this website’s mission. It will be an ecumenical program.

So we will just see what develops. Stay tuned and I will keep you posted.


P.S. Today is my mom’s birthday. I like to think maybe she is helping me. My dad was Catholic and my mom was Protestant and we all got along very well together. That is what my program will be like as well. Catholics and Protestants sharing their great love and Joy in Jesus!

Joy in Jesus – Sending out message 3 days a week

menu_500pxPlay this Turtles Memory Game

windmill_flowersPlay this Puzzle

Today’s Word Search Puzzle: Discover
Today’s Hangman: January 18
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I have made another decision. Not a major one and I will probably change my mind in a day or two – but for now I have decided I am only going to add one or two new games a day. So sometimes it will be a memory puzzle and sometimes a jigsaw or something else. I will continue to link to previously done puzzles so that there is something to play in your favorite mode.

I have decided also that I will only send an update 3 times a week rather than every day. This way I will have time to work on some other projects that may bring in more income. Do have to think about that! So my new schedule is to send out a message on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays.

Two people have mentioned to me that the memory puzzles do not fit on their screen. An easy way to fix that is to make the screen size smaller so everything fits on it. Simply hold CTRL (your control key) down and then tap the + or – key. Your screen size will increase or decrease with every tap.

Pretty good day today. Not super over the top good. Just sort of middle-of-the-road good. I went to work at the church and on my way I prayed it would be a fun day. That something fun and exciting would happen. My prayer did not get through. It was more like a drag my self through the day kind of thing. Brain was as foggy as the weather outside. If Pastor John asked me something I had to scramble out of this foggy fuzz to try and figure out what he was talking about. I always did but it was a scramble every time.

Think I was tired. I came home, had lunch and took a nap. That helped. In fact I may have taken two naps. It was that kind of a day.

Memory Moose


Another day – another memory game. Prepare yourself – I am having too much fun with this. I plan to make at least 30 memory games and maybe 100. I have darling dragons, playful angels and all sorts of cute images to make new puzzles. Lots and lots!

the_joy_of_the_gospelToday I got a present that I ordered myself. When one lives alone one can get away with doing that.

It is a book of course, what other kind of present would I buy myself? This is Pope Francis’s, “The Joy of the Gospel.” I have only read a few pages but already in love with it. I will probably be quoting passages from it for the next year at least.

“Let me say this once more: God never tires of forgiving us;
we are the ones who tire of seeking his mercy.”

 “With Christ joy is constantly born anew.”

“There are Christians whose lives seem like Lent without Easter.”

“The Gospel radiant with the glory of Christ’s cross, constantly invites us to rejoice.”

I didn’t send a card out yesterday because I worked most of the day on updating web pages. I am moving all of my puzzles and games to the Joy in Jesus site. And moving out of WordPress and into simple HTML pages. This means I have at least 150 pages to create from the old ones. Simple work but a lot. I did 80 pages yesterday and by that time I just had to get away from the computer. It was a serious case of, “Get me out of here!”

Today I worked at the Church and then came home and worked on the Memory game for a change of pace. Once this goes out, I will try and work on some more pages. At least that is my good intentions . . . there is a chance I may just grab a book and go read. That happens too!

There is one serious mystery in this house that I have been totally unable to solve. Before Christmas I bought two used books by those Jewish ladies that I love so much. When the package came I put it away without opening it, saving it for Christmas. Since then, I have not been able to find the place where I put it away! It is driving me nuts! They are just short stories but I like reading one or two before I go to bed. Always a miracle or a touch of God in them. Just nice. Sigh. Some day it’s bound to show up and it will be Christmas all over again!

Have a wonderful, God-filled day!