Maranatha – Come, Lord Jesus

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It’s getting a bit late as I write this. I went to Bible study tonight and the fog was very thick. I was thankful there were few cars on the road. As it was I did make one wrong turn but got back on the road and continued on. Was a good Bible study – or last now till January. Hope the fog is better by then. One can always hope.

On Saturday (I think) I am getting a brand new stove! Oh my goodness. How nice that will be. Perhaps I will be tempted to cook more. At least for a week or two I imagine. Tonight I decided to bake the rest of my cookies in my too hot oven. I thought I could get away with baking just one pan but wasn’t too successful. Came out a bit darker than planned. I took them to the Bible study and a few got eaten and the rest came back home for me to munch on. There were only six of us I think and another lady had brought cookies as well so not surprised there were some to bring home. So much for getting rid of the temptation in my house!

Tomorrow at work the church ladies have a Senior Luncheon. They have it once a month for any senior who would like to come. They have been doing it for many years so there is always a good crowd. The food is always super good and the tables are lovingly decorated with beautiful cloths and flowers and this time there are even little Christmas favors at each place. I hope to get a picture tomorrow. I always get invited for lunch. Yum.

Rosary Book Update for Monday – Dec 18, 2013


Day 43 of Book Production
131 days till Publication
Today’s Rosary Message from First Book:Holiness is union with God—
union with God depends upon two factors:
on God and on man—
on God’s initiative and man’s response.
All holiness, all union with God,
starts with God.
It was God who kept sin from Mary’s soul
from the first moment of her existence.
It was God who chose Mary
to be the Virgin Mother of His Son.
It was God who lifted Mary,
body and soul,
to unending union with Him.
All union with God starts with God.
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December 17 – O Antiphons

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December 17:

O Wisdom of our God Most High,
guiding creation with power and love:
come to teach us the path of knowledge!

Today is the first of the O Antiphons – the brief prayer recited before the Magnificat at Evening Prayer during the 7 days before Christmas. It’s getting close.

I am reading an “okay” book. It’s a murder mystery and I’m not that much into the mood for that. Wish I had a super, delicious book to read. I went to the library and got four books but somehow when I got home none of them seemed to be what I really wanted. Maybe I need something Christmasy.

One of these days I am really, really going to have to eat better. Like cut down on sugar. These are bad days for that though. 🙂 Oh sigh.

Rosary Book Update for Tuesday – Dec 17, 2013


Day 43 of Book Production
131 days till Publication
Today’s Rosary Story from First Book:

Why Did I Get Him?

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