Almost Christmas

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Went to Mass this evening. Hard to believe Christmas is only a few days away. Father T told us about this young 13 year old boy who is on hospice. I have seen him once in the church in a wheelchair bed – he had such a beautiful smile and loving mom and sisters. How hard that must be for them this Christmas. I wish someone with the gift of healing would help him, so hard to figure out why some people get healed and some don’t. And only God in his great love knows why.

My new stove came today. It is really nice. So far all I have used it for is to boil some water which it did very nicely. I will have to try out the oven soon and bake something. Lately I have been eating too many sweets and since I have zero resistance to cookies better not do that!

I still didn’t get to the library to pick up a Christmas book. I really could use one tonight. Something nice, warm and comforting. I bought two used books from Amazon about the Miracle stories collected by those two Jewish ladies and they came in the mail today. I am keeping them in their package though as a Christmas present to myself.

Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow with miracles! I think every day should have a miracle in it. Just makes the day so much more exciting.


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