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Have you ever heard the old saying, “Champagne tastes on a beer pocketbook?”

Well, that is me in the matter of some things. Not clothes or food or houses but when it comes to working on different projects that is me. Always and totally. Now I am thinking of something new to do and of course don’t have the means to do it. But – that is not going to stop me I think. One thing I believe in and that is that if God brings you to it, God will see you through it.

Step by step God leads us into new adventures if only we are bold enough to say yes to them. I don’t know exactly what this new adventure is yet – but I see a bit of it today and I think it will be good. And it is part of the mission I am on with the rosary book. It’s like an impossible, impossible thing and yet I believe, hope and pray that it will all happen.

But if it doesn’t – that is okay too. I have put it all into Mary’s hands – so what happens, happens with her blessing. And if it doesn’t than it wasn’t supposed to be and that will be just as fine because something else is to be. I believe walking and living with God should be full of joy and freedom and love at all that is and happens.

BUT I also believe in taking risks and stepping out of the boat when one hears a voice that says, “Come.” Being a Christian is not for the faint-hearted!

Of course I am faint-hearted more days than not I expect, but still – sometimes – God fills me with an inner joy and conviction to move forward. And this is the thing. I knew it was God that led me out of the monastery – and I knew it was for a reason. I wasn’t sure what and I’m still not clear. But today, I got an inkling, a glimpse that it might be something fun and exciting. Part of it begins with learning Google+ and doing something that is called “hangouts.”

Now I don’t know exactly what a Google hangout is – but I guess it’s like a live television show in which the people on one side of the screen can interact with people on the other side of the screen. Anyway, that is what I am going to step into and see if I can do. My hope is that it might be a way to promote the rosary book and move things along in that direction.

It will take some time. Just little steps at first – but I am going to start by taking a 6-8 week course on learning Google+ and then see how things proceed from there. Will let you know how it goes . . .


Rosary Book Update for Saturday – Dec 21, 2013


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6 thoughts on “Put a smile on your Christmas”

  1. Patricia,
    First I must say that is an adorable, cheerful snowman. Just seeing him starts the day right. I admire you how you step out in faith to new ventures. I am not computer savvy as I just do the ordinary things but you certainly have the ability to do many and always learning. You are always in my prayers and I will pray that if this new project is meant to be that it will move along rapidly for you.

    God Bless and have a wonderful weekend.
    Mary B.

  2. Such an adorable snowman, brightened my day for sure. You are so bright, learning new things all the time, etc. Good for you. Hope you have a great Saturday and an even more delightful and cheery Sunday. 🙂

    1. Saturday is almost over as I write this. Was nice. I got my new stove! Is beautiful.
      Just got back from Mass a bit ago – hard to believe the fourth candle is lit on the Advent wreath already! I don’t have one at home. Maybe I will do that next year.

  3. You go girl. You have more guts that I have.
    I’m always afraid to try something new. Of course I don’t have the faith that you have.

    Good luck in your new adventure!!

    Have a Merry Christmas and a healthy 2014!!!!
    Love Joy Peace and Prayers,

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