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Come, Divine Messiah

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Well, it finally happened! I got in the Christmas Spirit and put up a Christmas tree! Will wonders never cease. Last year I just had a tiny little one on in my Kitchen but this year I went all the way and put up a real tree.

It all started when I picked up a few Christmas things from my sister this morning. And once I started adding a bit more Christmas to the house it all of a sudden seemed like a good idea to go and get a tree! And so when I took Pudge to get his Christmas grooming session I went looking for a tree. The first place had only big trees that started at $25.00. I did not want a big tree nor did I want to pay $25.00. So I decided to forget it but then driving back I found another place that was selling trees from straight from a tree farm. (Little know Oregon fact: “Oregon is the leading producer of Christmas trees – 8.6 million were harvested in 2001). )

Well, it certainly seemed like a good idea to support a local tree farmer so I drove into the lot. I found a beautiful, beautiful tree for only $5.00! It’s about four feet high and fitted perfectly with just one inch to spare into the back seat of my car. I had put up a tree the first year I moved to Albany in 2010 that was about the same size so I had just the right amount of lights and decorations. It looks very nice and so I have now officially decked the halls!

When I had finished decorating the tree it was time to pick Pudge up from the groomer. He was so happy to see me and he looked so much better. Poor little guy he had gotten terribly matted because his hair was so long and he loves to roll and roll in the grass and everywhere else (carpet will testify to that). Last night I could tell he was rather miserable so I made up my mind that would be his Christmas present.

Rosary Book Update for Friday – Dec 22, 2013


Day 45 of Book Production
129 days till Publication
Today’s Rosary Excerpt from First Book:

Such is the greatness of Mary,
such the favor she has with God,
that he who when in need of help
would not run to her,
would wish to fly
without the aid of wings.
Pope Leo XIII

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7 thoughts on “Come, Divine Messiah”

    1. Hi Marian,
      Yes! I do have my cat. Buddy is doing fine. Winter time he seems to sleep more than ever.
      The only time I seem to see him in action is when he is attacking the Christmas tree or telling me in a very woebegone meow that his food dish is almost empty and what is anybody going to do about it?

  1. Dear Patricia,

    I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy 2014!!!
    Many Many thanks for your letters which bring me much joy.
    Knowing all of the things going on in you life, good and not so good, make me feel like we are best friends.
    Keep up the good work!!!
    With Much Love Joy Peace and Prayers,


    1. Hi Virginia,

      Well, goodness. I think we must be best friends. We have been together for so many years that surely ought to qualify for best friends. 🙂

      I missed answering the comments here – not sure why. Must of been a down day or a busy one or one of those “I just don’t care” days that pop up every now and again.. 🙂

      I do wish you a very merry Christmas and a extra wonderful 2014!

  2. So glad you have a tree, it does put us in the spirit. So pretty with the lights on at night. Have a great holiday weekend.

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Yes, my goodness. I didn’t realize how much I really did need to put up a Christmas tree. It did help things considerably. 🙂

      Today (Sunday – several days after you wrote this) I went to the library and checked out 4 Christmas books. Riches!

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