Joined the iPhone generation – picture of Pudge

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Yesterday I took the plunge and bought my first iPhone. Since I am working with Social Media it became a necessity. Pretty hard to do Instagram for a client if one doesn’t have an iPhone. I can also use it for Twitter, Facebook and all the other Social Media programs.

Anyway – what I really wanted to share is a picture of Pudge! I took it with the phone. A bit grainy – but good enough.


Of course, Buddy will be my next victim! Get one of him later today. Now I have to finish my oatmeal and get ready for work. This is the last day of VBS! On Wednesday when I was there the kids were having so much fun. They practically yelled the roof off! Pastor John was telling me that some of the older kids get upset when they realize they are too old to come back the next year. So the fix for that of course is to get them to volunteer to help out.

Have a super, wonderful day. Going to be a hot one here.