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BBelieving in God doesn’t give us tools to protect ourselves or our loved ones from evil, or pain or sorrow, but we can know that in all the things that happen to us God is beside us, before us, behind us, within us.”

This quote is from the book I am reading that I was telling you about yesterday.  The Baby Promise by Carolyne Aarsen.

Laundromat where I work a bit

Just for interest sake I thought you might like to see the laundromat where I work. It’s certainly not anything fancy just your typical laundromat. I was thinking to myself on the way to work this morning if I owned a laundromat I would make it more fun!

I would include a play area for kids and a little side place with a few round tables for sitting with a friend or doing one’s homework. Definitely include Wi-Fi! Maybe a lending library.

And here is the funny thing.

I was thinking if I had a laundromat I would include one free washing machine and dryer for low-income folks to use. Because the owner was telling me about some of the street people who would come into do their laundry and I thought, “Oh my gosh! It costs at least five dollars to wash and dry a load of laundry. How could street people afford to do that very often??

Then I read Kathy’s comment yesterday about the Laundry Project.  We were both on the same wave length.

I suppose places like shelters and stuff have free laundry facilities. I don’t know. Seems like they should if they don’t!

Bryce Canyon National Park Jigsaw Puzzle
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Black Canyon National Park puzzles

The Lord never tires of forgiving.

It is we who tire of asking for forgiveness.”

Pope Francis – First Angelus as pope, March 17, 2013)

Okay, it’s time for me to get back to seriously working on the Puzzle site! These may not be the most exciting puzzles – but I started doing the National Parks last year – and I want to finish that project up before jumping into a new one. I have 50 parks to add. 49 if I don’t count this one!

This little project  ought to carry me through the summer and since Summer is a good time for visiting National Parks – it’s a perfect time to do this. Anyway that’s my reasoning.

Black Canyon National Park Jigsaw Puzzle
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Today’s Hangman: June 19
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Starting to get into a routine with my laundry job. Up at 5:30 and go to work a bit before six. Work an hour and a little and then come home, have breakfast and get into the regular day routine. At night I work here at the computer, than grab Pudge and go back and turn out the lights. So far there has never been anyone doing laundry at 9:30 so I can close early. Which is very nice. There is a big sign that says no laundry can be started after 9:00 so as long as people pay attention to that works out great. It usually takes about an hour to wash and dry a load which is why the stop at 9:00. Works for me! I have a friend who has been volunteering to go with me at night as a little back-up support. It’s in a pretty good neighborhood but still nice to have someone along at that time of night.

Well, I’m off to read my book for a bit and go to bed. I found a nice one to read on my Kindle from the Library. It’s a Christian romance. “The Baby Promise” by Carolyne Aarsen. I like a good mystery but I also like romance novels if they are not too mushy! These days the mush can be pretty X-rated on some of them. Yuck!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Pat, Pudge and Buddy

4 new memory Games!

Life continues to unfold day by day as it always does! Since I last wrote I found another small job to keep the home fires lit and burning. (Not that I need a fire in the summer . . . )

This one is very simple but I think I will like it. I open and close a small laundromat in a very nice neighborhood. In fact it is the laundromat I used to use all the time when I first moved to Oregon. I also do about an hour of cleaning which is good as I need some activity or I will become a lump sitting at this computer all day! I don’t start for another week but will take a picture of it to share. Nothing exciting about a laundromat I know but will share anyway.

What is great about this job is that it gives me plenty of time during the day to continue to work on my Social Media business. I even have a new name for it! Joy in Jesus Media.  I like it – sort of a match to this site. If I do any more books (which I plan to do) I will also use that name as my publishing company.

Here are four new memory games. Two of them I had started and just needed finishing and two of them I did tonight. Got on a roll after being quiet for a bit!



School Dragons




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New Direction – Angels in Hiding

Idon’t know why I wrote it’s a brand new day. Just what came to mind. And I just got up so it is a brand new day.

I created this puzzle a few days ago (see below) but my ADD kicked in and I went off in twenty different directions. It does happen. In my last note I shared about working with the website and a friend commented that she would like to hear more about the “personal” side of things rather than the techie side. So this note is a personal glimpse of things.

God is working. Definitely.

Three weeks ago I made the decision to move toward becoming a Social Media Manager rather than just a Freelance writer.

Since I like doing a lot of things beside writing such as working with this ‘Joy in Jesus’ site, creating web pages, working with images, video, and exploring the latest and greatest in Social Media this seemed a perfect fit.

I found a course that teaches one how to do this on the business side of things as well as the “techie” side. A very well-rounded course that teaches the basics for the newbie (I’m a sort of middle level I think) as well as super pros.

Here is where life got interesting.

Once I got into the course the instructor said for us to think about what we were most passionate about and who we would most like to work for.  Who would be your perfect client.

Well, of course that was a no-brainer. Had to be God right?

So my “perfect” client would be someone who was God focused – Joy focused – Inspiration focused.

I came up with this tag line: Social Manager for Christian Outreach.

Doesn’t that seem like a good fit? Works with my books, web site ministry, radio, everything.

Well, apparently God did too.

Two weeks into this new course and direction a writing client that I had been working for over a year decided to hire someone full time.


Drop the freelance writer (me).

What a surprise.

Nothing like “thinking” about jumping off the dock and finding that you have just been given a good, healthy push!

It reminded me of a friend who told me about his experience when he decided to become a fully committed Christian. At the time he owned a very successful real estate business. Had a nice office, great employees, lots of work and made lots of money. He and his wife made the decision that they were going to have a Christian Real Estate business. It would all be in the Lord’s hands.


Overnight his secretary quit, his salesmen quit, his business took a nose drive. Whoa? Where did everybody go? What’s happening?

Oh my gosh. God was listening. Seriously.

So that is pretty much my current state of affairs. I have my Church job working at Oakville Presbyterian Church which works beautifully in my line of things and I am now totally, fully, (drum roll, blare of trumpets) 100% committed to being a Social Media Manager for Christian Outreach.

Will keep you posted as to how this proceeds. At the moment I am redesigning my personal site to focus on this new direction. It’s still undergoing stuff under the hood so not ready to share yet but I will in a week or two. My hope is to work with Christian ministers, authors, speakers, etc. who would like help expanding their Christian outreach through Social Media.

Wish me luck but most of all – pray for me if you would. I will continue to pray for you as well. Our God of surprises is only revealing this road (as He always does) just one step at a time!

Angles in hiding
Angels in Hiding! Fun Christian memory puzzle

It’s a brand new day and here is a brand new memory puzzle.