Almost Thanksgiving


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Busy day but rather fun. I got the newsletter to the Post Office and luckily for me the Post Office that we mail from is very tiny. A one woman operation and the lady helped me get things together. Whew. Bulk mailing is always a challenge. The USPS is supposed to have come up with a more computerized system so will see how it goes. At least I didn’t get called back to come and fix something.

Tonight I have been baking cookies to take to my sister’s for Thanksgiving. Not big on the cooking end of things – but I can make cookies. But this time it has been a bit more challenging. Tried a new chocolate chip recipe and never should have done that. Always stick to the old tried and true and wonderful Toll House. I don’t know why I didn’t take my own advice. Then to make matters even worse I set the oven for 375 and when I took the first batch out – they were crispy brown and the thermometer said 450! So I’ve been battling that – the oven is definitely on its way out. The last batch now is back up to 450 even though I thought I had compensated for it by lowering the oven temperature. Geesh.

I’m not sure if I will be mailing out puzzles and things while I am at my sisters. Just not sure. We leave Wednesday morning and will be back Saturday afternoon. So good chance that there won’t be a mailing until Sunday. In fact – I might not even get one out tomorrow as I will be working at the church, have some articles to write and going to a Bible study in the evening.

So in that case . . . Happy Thanksgiving!


P.S. I do not know how my friend Tom did with his surgery. Turns out it was today not last week. I’m sure he needs prayers – so thanks for any you send his way.

What if . . . ?


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Last night I went to Mass with my sister. It was a beautiful service. Simple but nice.

This morning I was planning on going to Oakville for the service there a little early as Pastor John was looking for volunteers to fold the newsletter, tape em and put on labels. I thought I would leave about 10:00 getting there about 10:30. But – I got a call earlier that our printer which was definitely causing us extreme cause for concern on Friday and Saturday (barely got the newsletter printed) was now on total meltdown. He was asking if I knew where something was for the insert. I remembered working on it but with all the trouble with the printer I was pretty sure it never got finished. I said, I will be there in 30 minutes!

He said he would be grateful. He had a lot of distractions (call that interruptions) and would be glad of the help.

So, that made my morning more interesting than I had planned. By the time I got there he had decided to put the whole bulletin on a power point since we couldn’t print it. While I was working on the power point I came to the part where it gave the title of his sermon. It was “Expect Persecution!” When I saw that I just laughed. No wonder we were having all this trouble. What could we expect with a sermon like that? Obviously someone was not happy about it.

And sure enough, Pastor John’s  sermon was excellent and something for slimy head to be upset about.

We have started putting the sermons online and I will share the link tomorrow just in case anyone is interested. Pastor John always begins with a Children’s talk and this one was especially funny. He wanted to bring the sense of right and wrong down to a child level. So he asked them this question. “What would you do if I said I would give you a candy bar if you hit your sister? Would you do it?”

One little voice piped up. Think it was a girl but couldn’t tell from where I was sitting. “I would have to wait till after lunch!” she said.

Well, obviously she knew when she could eat that candy bar and no sense doing anything about it any earlier I guess.

The next question he asked was, “What if I said I would give you ten dollars if you slapped your dad?”

This time I definitely think it was a little boy, said, “You could buy a lot of neat stuff with that!”

Well, yeah kid, I guess you could. Not sure if you would be able to sit down for a week but go ahead and give it a shot.

Oh too funny. There is definitely a challenge when giving sermons to children. Us older folk, we may think those things but we’ve wised up enough to know we just don’t blurt them out in front of the whole congregation!

The sermon for the adults was very good. Not as funny perhaps but great.

rosarycover-4-100px Rosary Book Update:

Day 22 of Book Production

153 days till Publication

Prayed a couple of rosaries but that was it. Sunday’s I usually take off from work even for the BOOK! That is if I behave myself. I don’t always. Thought I better say that, just in case God was listening.

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rosarycover-4-100px Rosary Book Update:

Day 21 of Book Production

154 days till Publication

Today I worked on creating my golden 100 list. This is an idea composed (I think originally by John Kremer) in which you come up with a 100 key people in media and marketing who could possibly help with promotion and publicity. It’s sort of a focus thing. Rather than  blindly going about how you will put your book out into the world you come up with a plan.

It’s a bit different with Catholic books I figure because it’s more about finding people, groups and organizations that are mission oriented. People who would think a book on the rosary would be a good thing. Not the ones that roll their eyes and say, “Excuse me?”  “You’re doing what?”  “Well, isn’t that interesting . . . ”

So I started out bright and early to work on my list. I thought it would be rather easy. I mean after all, there are easily a 100 key Catholic figures who are into the rosary right? Or into Catholic books at least . . . or Catholic evangelization or ending the death penalty?

Hmmm. I worked most of the day and came up with a list of 46. Some of these people I know slightly and others I only know by name. Didn’t even get half way before I got stumped. So then I moved to adding Catholic bookstores. This will take some work tracking them down but I figure they will certainly be good ones to contact and see if they will carry this book in their stores.

Now my question to you is  . . . do you know of any rosary groups in your parish or area that might be interested in this book and even possibly submitting a rosary story? Perhaps some one in retreat work? Some of the best stories from the first book came from lay people. Ordinary people who had a devotion to the rosary and shared how it strengthened their lives, helped them through hard spots and was instrumental in a positive life change. Please think . . . and if you come up with someone I might possibly contact please email me. And if you think of a story yourself, please share.

Cathy Almeter who is a long time follower – and comments frequently here, sent in a story. It is really a sweet, story. No miracle involved but testified to the faith and devotion of her mother. I know it will make its way into the book and I think you will like it too. It’s funny as well as just plain nice.

Have a wonderful day!



Joy in Jesus – Your Purpose in Life


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A friend sent this to me today. It is very, very funny.

rosarycover-4-100px Rosary Book Update:

I have decided to keep track of my progress with the Rosary book. I started working on it seriously on November 5. I hope to publish it on April 27th, 2014 in tribute to Pope John Paul II’s canonization. I now have 22 weeks or 155 days. Another one of those “It will take a miracle to do – but I believe in em – so why not?”

Yesterday I was praying my rosary for this intention and I asked God could you please send me a little something to push me forward? Something that will let me know I’m heading in the right direction?

When it comes to faith, I’m one of those folks that wants constant reassurance.

I was supposed to have gone to work at the Villas at noon but I ended up being longer taking a friend to a doctor’s appointment than I had planned. So I had to call up the Villas and say that I would be a bit late because of being at the doctor for my friend. They told me not to worry about the noon meal but to just come in for the evening one.

So I was actually rather glad because I wanted to work on the book. A little later after I got home I checked my email. There was an email from a Catholic book publisher that I had sent a book proposal to a long time ago. So long I had forgotten I had sent it and figured they were not interested. The email said they were interested and would like some more information. The acquisition editor who sent the email also sent me her phone number. Hmmm?

I looked at the time the email was sent and it had been only five minutes. So I figured, “Gosh, I bet she is still at her desk!”

I called the number thinking I was probably going to get just a main office kind of thing and have to go through the usual relay of trying to make an actual connection. But surprise – it was her direct number and she answered the phone.

I told her who I was figuring if she had just sent me an email it ought to be still on her mind. And that worked because she did make the connection. So then . . . I told her that I had put the first book on hold and was working like crazy on this new Rosary book – and was there any chance at all that they could publish it?

She told me that there usual length of time for publishing a book with an author was a year and I said, “Yes, I know – but – and I told her some more about the book and how many people liked the first one and she said, “Well, maybe there was a tiny chance. Not much of one, but she would discuss it with her team. She did agree with me that the rosary book would probably do very well.”

And that is where it ended. BUT – by golly as far as I am concerned whether or not that works out – it definitely was the sign I had asked for. My little nudge that I am moving forward and God is opening doors. Doors that had been very tightly shut. And if I had not had to cancel my working with the Villas I would not have been at home when the email came in. By the time I would have gotten home – it would have been too late to call the editor.

But God set everything up to answer my little prayer. Boom. Boom. Boom.

You know what?

I bet I could write 101 amazing stories about the rosary just myself!

But I really want other stories as well. So if you think about one?  Submit a story

Have a very blessed and joy-filled day.





Happy Thanksgiving Puzzle

promo-turkey-game-400pxThanksgiving Puzzle Memory Game

Well – here it is! The Turkey Game. Came out rather cute I thought.

Last night I came home from working at the Villas and was so tired I went to bed at 8:00. Then naturally I woke up about 3:00 but that was fine. I got up and did all the things I was to tired to do the night before. The main one being I needed to update the home page of the puzzle site and the Joy in Jesus site.

They are now both exactly the same. So if you have one site or the other bookmarked you can reach them both. joyinjesus_siteAnd it is much easier to find the places to go to – such as games, puzzles, ecards, etc.   and

It is so cold here today. Real cold. Like the kind the folks up north get. Yikes! 28 degrees. Had to push the heat up another notch and make a hot drink.

Now I have to hurry myself along and get ready for work at Oakville. Sorry didn’t have time to do other kinds of puzzles but hope you give the turkey one a try. Please share it if you know someone who likes to do these kind of puzzles.



Thinking of You

thinkingofyou1Today’s eCard – Thinking of You

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I am working on a new memory game – with cute little turkeys. So I have spent too much time on it – and now need to get to bed!

So this is all the games for today. Otherwise it will be midnight.

And guess what? Tomorrow I go back to work at the Villas. So much for quitting. Didn’t do that very well. It’s just because they have someone who got diagnosed with colon cancer yesterday and has surgery tomorrow. I can’t believe it.

He is a wonderful friend and worker there. Please pray for him. His first name is Tom. I think he needs lots of prayers.

Lots of Love,


What? You too?

friendship2Here is today’s Friendship eCard.

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Lately I have been writing too much. So will keep it short.

Have a great day.


P.S. I am blogging from my website Joy in Jesus now. At least trying it. To get to the old blogs you can go here.