Good Eye report – and some faith sharing

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Pope Francis
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 s11o my new focus is to focus on Jesus. Shouldn’t be new – and of course it isn’t totally – BUT I am trying to get back into putting more focus on Jesus than I have been. One thing I have noted that whatever I read, think about or come into contact with shows up in my dream life.

This tells me that little things that I discount as relatively harmless are actually being processed in my head while I sleep. Which made me realize that old saying – “what goes in – is what comes out,” is equally true for one’s spiritual life.

And here is an amazing thing. I have started reading a book on the Gospel of John by William Barclay. It is very good. We had this series in the Monastery and though I only read one book there I decided to buy one on John and read it. It has helped me a LOT in getting my faith centered. It’s written by a Protestant and there is only one thing I found I sort of wondered about Catholic wise but it wasn’t anything major and his stuff is so good that I will definitely continue reading it. It was published in 1956 so no doubt there is much more recent study about the Gospel of John but I love this so I’m staying with it. 🙂

Oh! The amazing thing! Forgot to tell what that was. Well, since I quite my other job I have been a teensy bit nervous about finances. So rather than jump into another job right away and get overwhelmed again I decided to jump into more of “trusting in Jesus.” Part of that is reading more faith centered books. Yesterday on my way to work at Oakville Church I was praying along and I made a few faith statements to put all my worries, cares and concerns in Jesus hands. One of them being my finances. When I got home I had a check in the mail! It was from the sale of some of my books through Amazon that had sold overseas. It wasn’t huge. About $160.00 for 6 – 8 months of books but it was certainly an unexpected blessing!

And the day before that I had another unexpected financial gift that was given to me. AND there you have it. Trust in Jesus and He truly does take care of you. I know this. I’ve experienced it a zillion times and yet somehow I am always surprised when I get trapped in the worry wort mode and think it’s up to me to take care of me and then come to my senses and get back into the “faith mode.” Works inside and outside of a monastery!

lady_like_sarahSo I am now trying to find Christian fiction books to read over secular ones. Not that I will discount my favorite other authors altogether but I am taking a more active concentration on finding ones that have a Christian slant. I just finished a fun Christian romance one today that I enjoyed a lot. Definitely not a heavy book but was nice without being syrupy. I downloaded it from the library so was a free read.

It was called, A Lady like Sarah by Margaret Brownley.

Let me know if you have any Christians romance or mystery books you like. I also like children’s books a lot which I have mentioned before. Recently read one that was okay and I thought it would be good but had a few questionable things about it faith wise so don’t think I will follow up with that one.

Went to the doctor this morning and got a good report on my Shingles in the Eye. Thanks be! I have to continue with drops for a few weeks but I am off of the shingles pill every 5 hours so that is a good thing. Since the medication itself can cause glaucoma and blindness did not want to be on it any longer than I have to. On the other hand I didn’t want it to come back either – so I am glad the doctor is taking the slow route for cutting back on the drops.

Well – this is enough for now. I hope to spend a lot more time in the future working on “faith” things like this blog and maybe a book and who knows what. One day at a time Lord Jesus.


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Just a small note as I get ready to go work at Oakville Church.

Looks like a beautiful day! I planted my petunias too early I think (found out after I had planted them of course, that it’s better to wait till May!) so I have been covering them at night with black plastic garbage bags. I can see the difference already from having a warm night versus a cold one. Yesterday when I uncovered them instead of looking all flat and spread out like they were freezing to death they were high and lifted up and ready to dance into bloom. I almost felt like they were thanking me for my extra trouble to keep them warm.

On Monday I went to the eye doctor and got it verified that I indeed have Shingles in my right eye. I am keeping on with the same medication which I started on Friday. So far it is working amazingly well. I am much improved! For the most part there is very little pain either so thanks to everyone’s prayers on that score! I am being super, duper vigilant to take the medicine every five and six hours even though it means a rather jumbled up sleep night – but it sure beats it getting worse!

Today is the feast of Saint Catherine of Siena

Catherine of Siena

St Catherine of Siena Jigsaw Puzzle
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St Catherine of Siena Jigsaw Puzzle
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St Catherine of Siena Jigsaw Puzzle
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St Catherine of Siena Jigsaw Puzzle
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Hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day!

Blessings of Joy and God’s goodness!



Joy in Jesus – Online Divine Mercy Jigsaw Puzzle

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Divine Mercy Sunday
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WWell, a bit has happened since my last post on Palm Sunday!

On Good Friday I notice I was having some eye trouble and I decided to quit my overnight job at the Villas. I had been praying for a sign of whether to continue on or not and I figured if it ever started to show up in health problems it was time to quit. I didn’t know what the eye trouble was but didn’t seem worth risking it to get worse.

I went through Easter Sunday and Monday with my eyelid inflamed but thought it would get better by itself. On Tuesday when it hadn’t I went to Urgent Care where it was decided it was Pink Eye. On Friday my eye hadn’t improved but worsened and I went back to Urgent Care. This time I had a doctor and she took one serious look and said that she thought it was Shingles in my eye. Much more serious than Pink Eye!

On Monday I will go to an eye doctor and get it confirmed or not. In the meantime the eye doctor (was late Friday afternoon) said I would be fine until Monday. I did get started on treatment right away though and this time I am seeing great improvement. Hopefully it will continue without developing any more seriously. My hope. I haven’t gone back to work at the Villas since giving my two week notice because I have not been feeling well enough to do so. At this point I rather think I won’t be going back at all as by the time it is cleared up my two weeks will be over. I really, truly don’t want to work the night shift ever again. 🙂

Easter Puzzles
Easter Puzzles
Easter Puzzles
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Easter Puzzles

I did create some Easter puzzles for Easter Sunday – but it was too hard for my eye to be on the computer for very long so I didn’t get a message sent. At least Easter lasts 50 days I think so there is still time to enjoy if anyone wants to. The full set of Easter puzzles is here.

I am hoping in the days ahead to have more time to get back to adding puzzles and games more regularly.

Happy and Blessed Easter! Happy Divine Mercy Sunday!


Joy in Jesus – Snow Fun

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The weather is supposed to be cold again. So good time to introduce a new Snow Puzzle!

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Next month I am going on a Women’s Retreat – think I said this before. Anyway there will be about 15 of us and we are renting a house on the coast. Exactly what I hope to do in the Fall! So that will be fun and I will see how it works out and have more to share for the ‘Joy in Jesus’ retreat.

Not much going on. I am trying to find another little part time job to fill in the cracks with what I have now. No luck so far but I keep looking and I am sure the right thing will come up. I could go back to the Villas – I might – but will have to think about it a lot! 🙂


Joy in Jesus – Cute Snowman


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Well, I can’t say this has been a high accomplishment day. I went to work and did all the things that I needed to do there. Came home and “thought” about all the things I needed to do here . . . did a couple of them and the rest, not so much.

It is now a quarter to eight and I have not written an article for the day. “Oh dear what can the matter be?”

A lot of time I operate under the illusion that tomorrow I will feel much more like doing  something. Much better to wait until tomorrow. Yes, indeed, tomorrow I will wake up with lots of energy and enthusiasm and . . . Of course I know this is called procrastination. I do recognize that. I don’t fight it very well but I do recognize it.

I must tell you about my cat. My cat has a wicked sense of humor. Buddy knows that I do not like him clawing the furniture. So what does he do when he wants to get my attention?

Dumb cat. Sometimes he runs around the house attacking one chair after another in a wild chase like banshees are after him. For awhile I was going after him with the water spray bottle. That worked until I figured out he was making it into a game. How many chairs could he attack before the bottle came out? Now I have decided to ignore him. “Took away all the sport mate!” He’s calmed down considerably. I’m just not any fun.

Well, this is all I have for now. Tomorrow is another day. Hope yours is a great one!








Joy in Jesus – New Memory Game with kitten

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Well, just in case anyone thinks I am smarter than I am, I will set you straight. Today there was a Google HOA (Hangout on Air) with Ronnie Bincer. The session was at 10:00 which is when I normally get to work at the church. But I really wanted to attend this thing so I arranged to go in early and then take an hour off in the middle. Didn’t work out. Not even a little bit. I was working right up to the time when the HOA was supposed to start. I thought it would be a simple matter of clicking on a link and I was in.

I clicked but I wasn’t in. I clicked all sorts of stuff and went back to the email and tried to retrace my steps a couple of times. But still was on the outside looking for a doorway. Finally I thought I was close and the phone rang. I stared at the phone. I stared at the computer screen.

“What do you do dear?”

If I was in the program than that loud phone was going to interrupt everyone else on the call. If I wasn’t in wouldn’t matter. I didn’t think I was in but I couldn’t be sure.

Dang! I decided to quit. It was too traumatic. I closed the laptop and went back to work. I was under pressure anyway to get the bulletin done by a closer deadline than normal so decided work came first. Was probably the best decision as it took me all the time I had to get the bulletin finished. I also decided I would not mix my own work with another project like that again. If I could have left my office it would have worked maybe. But just too crazy otherwise.


In the meantime I did get to leave work at 12:30 rather than 2:00 so that was a good thing. All things work for good.

The latest book I am reading is called “Dilemma,” it is an autobiography of a priest named Father Albert Cutie’ who was a media priest a few years back. He left the church after about 8 years to get married. He is now an Episcopal priest in Canada. It’s a very interesting book. Brings up lots of very valid points about the priesthood, celibacy and other things. It sort of resonates where I am at the moment. Not so much the celibacy stuff but just finding a new path to serve God as one grows and changes.

I am also reading three other books (at least). A Christmas book by Anne Perry on my Kindle called “A Christmas Journey,” and a Michael Connelly book which I will dive back into as soon as this goes out, called, The Fifth Witness. I read a bit of Pope Francis book every day and a bit from my Bible study book, “The Greatest Gift” by Ann Voskamp. I like reading lots of books at the same time. I know it drives some people crazy but it fits me perfect!

And good news! Pudge is almost 100 per cent better. We went for a walk today and we actually ran a good part of the way. It was fun. He has his old energy and zip back!


Joy in Jesus – Encouraged to move forward

Panda bear Jigsaw Puzzle
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Hangman update! I finally figured out why folks were getting the same Hangman puzzle. I had the link above going to the old page on Family Fun Puzzles and not to where I am now updating it on Joy in Jesus. My bad. All fixed now if you use the link above.

Today I took a giant step forward in creating the new upcoming show – Joy in Jesus. I had a strategic session with an expert in Hangout Mastery. His name is Ronnie Bincer and that is his mission in life. Help people and businesses learn to do hangouts properly. So I put all my nickels and dimes together that I had and some that I didn’t have (living on the edge here) and I hired him for a session.

This is why I did it. I could try and do it on my own. Bungle and learn through a lot of trial and error or I could take the plunge and get help. At my stage in life I have learned it is better to get help. It is almost always worth it in the end. So the session went marvelously well – I broke through the ice of getting into it with my first hangout and found out that it is fun!

Of course I looked worse than ever I thought when I first saw it, but then I decided what the heck. Who cares? The point is learning, getting the message and spreading it. If the bearer of good tidings is a donkey  (Scripture uses the word Ass) so what? Get over it, already. It’s sort of like when I go to Bible study. The message that I get from these wonderful ladies are total blessings – and none of us are all prettied up and made for front cover magazines. We are just normal sort of folks, with end of the day tiredness, limp hair and baggy pants. (The pants parts was me – as I was wearing my pajama bottoms underneath to stay warm!) I’ll go to almost any lengths to be comfy. You probably don’t want to be seen on the street next to me I suppose but I will be warm.

At any rate things are definitely moving forward. I have lots more to learn but I feel encouraged that I know a bit more of what to do and how to proceed. At this point I think the shows will start in March. They will be about 15 minutes in length and if no one watches for the first six month it will be okay because I will be learning and growing with it. As I learn I hope to help other folks who want to get involved with using Google Hangouts in their ministry as well. I do think it would be very fun to do a Bible study or book sharing using Google hangouts. Anyone want to experiment with that?

Have a wonderful, joy-filled day!



Joy in Jesus: Stay tuned for upcoming Changes!

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I am starting to get a glimpse of new direction for my life, mission wise at any rate. Instead of trying to write another book this year I have decided to work on writing in a different direction. One thing that I really like to do is work in some way with evangelization. This has been one thread that has been consistent with everything that I did in the monastery,with the Family Fun Puzzle site and now here on this Joy in Jesus site. Even with my work at Oakville church there has been an element of doing work that benefits God’s Kingdom.

So rather than looking for something new I am going to concentrate on – Joy in Jesus – in a more directed way. By this I mean writing a bit more on different ministry and works that I come in touch with. It will be a change and I don’t know if it will work for me or if it will work for what you want to see here but I am going to give it a try.

It will not be entirely Roman Catholic either but rather on anything that is like the Jesuit’s say – Good, beautiful and true. I am thinking of interviewing different people in ministries around the world. What I really want to do is start a weekly Google Hangouts on Air show. It will be aired live so anyone can tune in (if you can watch a YouTube video you can tune in) and it will also be recorded so anyone can watch it at any time. The thing that is exciting about Google Hangouts on Air (HOA) is that anyone who watches can submit a question, comment or thought to join in the conversation.

I won’t be starting this for awhile. I am thinking perhaps sometime in March (St. Joseph’s month).  In the meantime I will concentrate on learning how to do this, setting up interviews and getting all the pieces into play so that I can do this well.

This last Sunday I met two wonderful groups that would be fun to have as guests on my program. One is a couple that belongs to Oakville Church. Every year they go on mission to Haiti to teach the people there how to make stoves that provide inexpensive heating. This couple is just plain fun, warm and full of the joy of Jesus! They have a large house with seven bedrooms and they opened it up this last week so a group of Catholic sisters who live next to them could hold a retreat for some Catholic girls from the Newman center at OSU (Oregon State University). This was my first time meeting the sisters and it was wonderful to see how full of enthusiasm and joy-filled they were.

I had been praying for some God direction on my way to church on Sunday and after the service, this couple invited me to come over to their house and meet the sisters. So I did. It felt like a God directed thing. Wasn’t sure just how but I think maybe this is the direction I would like to move towards. The show will be called, ‘Joy in Jesus’ so it will become a vital part of this website’s mission. It will be an ecumenical program.

So we will just see what develops. Stay tuned and I will keep you posted.


P.S. Today is my mom’s birthday. I like to think maybe she is helping me. My dad was Catholic and my mom was Protestant and we all got along very well together. That is what my program will be like as well. Catholics and Protestants sharing their great love and Joy in Jesus!

Joy in Jesus – Sending out message 3 days a week

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I have made another decision. Not a major one and I will probably change my mind in a day or two – but for now I have decided I am only going to add one or two new games a day. So sometimes it will be a memory puzzle and sometimes a jigsaw or something else. I will continue to link to previously done puzzles so that there is something to play in your favorite mode.

I have decided also that I will only send an update 3 times a week rather than every day. This way I will have time to work on some other projects that may bring in more income. Do have to think about that! So my new schedule is to send out a message on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays.

Two people have mentioned to me that the memory puzzles do not fit on their screen. An easy way to fix that is to make the screen size smaller so everything fits on it. Simply hold CTRL (your control key) down and then tap the + or – key. Your screen size will increase or decrease with every tap.

Pretty good day today. Not super over the top good. Just sort of middle-of-the-road good. I went to work at the church and on my way I prayed it would be a fun day. That something fun and exciting would happen. My prayer did not get through. It was more like a drag my self through the day kind of thing. Brain was as foggy as the weather outside. If Pastor John asked me something I had to scramble out of this foggy fuzz to try and figure out what he was talking about. I always did but it was a scramble every time.

Think I was tired. I came home, had lunch and took a nap. That helped. In fact I may have taken two naps. It was that kind of a day.

Joy in Jesus – Possession is nine-tenths of the law

Last week I got the great idea of moving an easy chair into my bedroom. My plan was that I would it put it right next to the window and when I wanted to get away from everything I would just go there and read. It was a great plan.

But a serious problem developed.

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Surprisingly it’s baby lamb time here in Oregon. At least for some busy moms. I did not take this picture but if I had time to stop on my way to work I could have. Little lambs are popping up everywhere.

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Today’s Hangman: January 16
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Now, it’s time to get back to my book! Hope you have a wonderful day and may God bless you above all expectations!