Joy in Jesus – Snow Fun

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The weather is supposed to be cold again. So good time to introduce a new Snow Puzzle!

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Next month I am going on a Women’s Retreat – think I said this before. Anyway there will be about 15 of us and we are renting a house on the coast. Exactly what I hope to do in the Fall! So that will be fun and I will see how it works out and have more to share for the ‘Joy in Jesus’ retreat.

Not much going on. I am trying to find another little part time job to fill in the cracks with what I have now. No luck so far but I keep looking and I am sure the right thing will come up. I could go back to the Villas – I might – but will have to think about it a lot! 🙂


Keep planning our Ocean Retreat – we can make it happen

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Today’s Hangman: January 3
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I’m still thinking Retreat Thoughts

Because winter time is the perfect time to think of summer. What first begins as just talk can shape right up into reality if we keep the conversation going.

So just for interests sake . . . lets say we got four people interested we could find a rental home like this  for $125-$200 a night (September the rates are lower but we could decide what dates work best for people). If we spent four days each person’s cost would be $32 – $50 a night. Plus food of course. We would have to plan our meals and maybe eat out once or twice for fun.

If we got 19 people (why not dream) we could rent this place Oceanfront W/ Super Views . It would cost each person $25.00 a day for lodging if we had that many people.

Well do keep thinking about it. We could start saving up our quarters now and break open the piggy bank in late summer or early fall.

Rosary Book Update for Friday – Jan 3, 2014


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