Come, let us adore Him



It’s almost Christmas. I hope yours is filled with all the gifts of Advent – Peace, Joy, Hope and Love.

Yesterday was a fun day. I went to Salem to do the paper work for my new job as a Direct Care provider. It didn’t take too long though because I have not been in Oregon for five years (almost though!) I had to go across the street and get fingerprinted at the Police Station. Hope they don’t find my criminal record!  (Just kidding – I don’t think I’ve gotten caught so there shouldn’t be one.) God already knows my finger prints and my criminal record.

Then I went to the Catholic book store which I have been wanting to go to for a long time but never made the trip to Salem to do it. I didn’t spend much time there because I didn’t want to find things to buy! I did talk with the store people there who are very nice and I gave them some free copies of my books and hopefully people will buy them and they will order some more. They did say they have had my books in the store before though so that was nice.

I work today at Oakville and not sure about Friday. Can use the money though so it will be okay if I do. On Saturday I am going to dog sit, Abbie for my favorite sitting job. The lady that I do this for says I can make a fire (it will already be laid out) and I can just sit and enjoy the beauty of their Christmas tree and a fire. How lovely is that!

Don’t start my new job until January 5th. A bit nervous about it – but will probably do fine.

Hope you have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas!