New Cover – Collage type . . .

collage-book-cover-red-2-smallOkay – I tend to agree with most everyone. I wasn’t really sold on any of the covers either. So I bit the bullet and created a different one – this time with pictures. Let me know what you think of this one. I’m sure it won’t be the final, final version but hopefully we are getting closer. Do you like it better with a white or red background? Maybe something else?

The problem I found with looking through my pictures was that most of the older ones were taken with cheap cameras and they look really bad compared to the high quality we get today from our little point and shoot cameras. Anyway I found a few to put together a rough collage. I think it looks pretty lame but I’m not aiming for perfection at this point just to keep moving forward. Perhaps if the book sells more than a few copies I can afford to get someone to design a more professional one.

I am almost done with Chapter Two and have about 8000 words. 10 more chapters to go. Ye Haw!

collage-book-cover-white-2-smallDoing this book is a bit like having a personal session with the ghost of Christmas past. Once you start digging in the mine fields of childhood and growing up (which I still haven’t quite achieved) it gets a bit weird. It was like, I did what? I¬†will definitely have to be on the lookout for folks in little white coats. If this blog stops all of a sudden you will know I have been found out.

Okay enough of this – it’s back to the writing. Oh, one more thing. I am seriously thinking of sharing the first couple of chapters with anyone who is interested to get some feedback. Your help has been great with the covers!

OH – And what do you think about the Title. A couple of folks , Cathy and Jo both thought the title would be better off with adding an I before the be? So I tried that. At first I didn’t like it cause I was kind of attached to my first inspiration but now I think I kind of do. What do you think?