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Isn’t this a beautiful picture? I found it on the web and then discovered the Artist who did it. So I will ask permission tomorrow – so look quick because if I don’t get permission I shall have to take it down!  🙂  The artist’s name is   Virginia Wieringa

I put up one little bit of Christmas today. My sister Euli gave me a Snowman wreath a couple of years ago so I put him on the door. Hopefully I will get a bit more up in the days to come. Hmm. Don’t have much enthusiasm for it though. Perhaps as we get closer.

Have a wonderful, glorious, God-filled day.


P.S. Permission was not given. Sigh. So took things down. But do go look at Virginia’s artwork – it is fabulous.

rosarycover-4-100px Rosary Book Update:

Day 33 of Book Production

142 days till Publication

Today I did not do much on the Rosary book except for an hour of planning in the morning, a couple of rosaries and an hour relearning InDesign so I can do the layout for the book. I had planned to spend the whole day on the book – but such are the best laid plans. But as I write it down – that was at least a bit more time on it than I realized.

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I have a new game! I have been working on it for several days – but it’s finally ready to play. It is based on the Simon Says game that was popular a million years ago. Basically there are five sounds that match up with five images. The game will give you one sound and light up an image. You have to click the image that lighted up with the sound. Then it will give you two sounds…. then three… etc.

This is not a game that I coded myself – not that smart! But I did put in all new images and sounds so that took a bit of work. Al the images are for Christmas Nativity. In January I will do add some new versions – but for now – it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

In the future if you want to play this game – it can be found on the Card site under the tab called games. I will add it to the main menu on the home page soon – but tonight I’m heading for bed and the rest of my book!

rosarycover-4-100px Rosary Book Update:

Day 31 of Book Production

144 days till Publication

Today things definitely started to move forward with the book. It started with my biweekly group call with my copywriting group at 6:30 a.m. this morning. (It started at 6:00 a.m. but I forgot to set my alarm and forgot about it till they called me. Since the five of us are scattered all over the U.S. the two of us on the West coast get the early time!) Anyway I wasn’t looking forward to the call cause I was a bit discouraged – but my team mates picked me up, brushed my blues away and got me excited and sent me on my way.

They suggested I try spending time on Facebook and connect with Catholics there – so that is my new pond to jump into. I know there are a lot of Catholics out there who pray the rosary it’s just getting into the same zone they are in! I am going to try – try – try and make a tiny 15 – 30 second video about the book. It will be just a camcorder – rough sort of slapped together thing but they thought that would be a good way for me to get things across better. I tried it tonight with the camcorder – first I have used it with this new laptop. It worked pretty well. I just have to figure out how to edit it. The program I had for editing doesn’t handle the new video formats – so that is a problem. Will see.

If you think of a story and don’t want to write it – email me and I can call you and write it from our conversation. That’s really the way I prefer anyway! I can ask questions and get more details. 🙂  I will of course work with you back and forth till it reads like you want it.  If you want to call me my number is (541) 971-5376 – I can’t always answer but I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Seek for more of His love in your heart

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In just a little bit I will have to go out into the cold, dark world and drive to my Bible Study. It’s a 12 mile drive which is not so bad during the daylight but requires a bit more push to get me out the door at night. I am always very glad though when I go. It’s been the biggest blessing every time. This time our little group is just ten and in fact tonight may be a few less as a few have other things . . . but will be fun and blessed regardless.

Yesterday I was worrying (one of those things one shouldn’t do but I do anyway) about finances and life in general and I picked up a little book of reflections that I keep in the bathroom. It’s an old book by Merlin Carothers called, Praise Works. I opened it to the next spot and there didn’t God have just the answer I needed. It was one sentence tucked in the midst of others but perfectly God-directed just for me.

This morning I copied the sentence and put it on my Write on/Write off board over my desk. Here it is. Let me know if you like it as well.

“I have discovered that when I seek for more of His Love in my heart, He has given me material blessings that I would never have dreamed of asking for.” Merlin Carothers

So that’s the thing. Instead of praying for material blessings I must pray to have more Love in my heart. How beautiful is that?

Today I found another quote from Merlin that I like just as much.

“If you expect what has happened to others, you may be disappointed. Expect what He wants for you, and I promise you, you will always be thoroughly and completely satisfied.” Merlin Carothers

Today was a good day in that I got three articles written, cleaned my house (a bit) and made myself a real dinner. I also went for a cold, wintery walk with Pudge to the Park. He is getting so much better we actually could make the whole loop around the park. Granted it’s a small park but still . . . for a while he couldn’t even make it to the end of the block.

Well, time to put on my coat and face the cold again. Will have to send this on its merry way quick!




Discovered two new mystery authors.


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Went to work at Oakville. Was a quiet day there but I got things done and the time went by very fast. On Mondays I often am by myself as Pastor John has Mondays off. Luckily I always have enough to do that I don’t have to scramble to keep busy!

I must tell you about two delicious, yummy, delectable books I am reading. I got them from my brother Peter who actually brought them over for my sister, Euli but she had a stack of books to read already and said I could take them.

They are by authors I had never heard of before so was a bit dubious. But not anymore. Love em.

The first is called, The Summons – an Inspector Peter Diamond Investigation by Peter Lovesey. Lovsey is a Bristish author of at least 19 mystery books. He is so good, that if I get nothing done ever again it will be because I got lost in his book and never came out. Of course I can’t say I will like all of his books since this is the only one I have read but I think I will.

The second is a Swedish mystery writer by the name of Henning Mankell. I have four books to read of his. What riches! The first one I’m reading is a set of five small books in one called, The Pyramid. After that the others are full length novels. The writing is good, no make that excellent. And best of all there is no tawdry sex stuff. Just good honest writing, with humor and well-crafted plots that keep you guessing till the end.

I hope our library carries these books. I will have to check. If not perhaps my brother will be getting more . . .

I wrote three articles today for my writing job and have 8 more to catch up with for November. Got behind – always do. So will have to be a good kid and buckle down and see if I can finish up quickly in the next few days.

rosarycover-4-100px Rosary Book Update:

Day 30 of Book Production

145 days till Publication

So how are we getting along with the book? Not so well.

I heard from the publisher that might have been interested in the book. They are not. I haven’t heard from the folks at Catholic Mobilizing Network – I will call them tomorrow. Perhaps they too will abandon ship. It happens.

How many stories have I collected? Truthfully? One. Just one. That’s not too good. Of course I can come up with a couple of my own – but that’s still rather lame don’t you think? I’m not throwing in the towel though. Will just keep praying, hoping and plugging away. If it’s going to happen it will be God doing it not me. My pitiful attempts at getting stories is just that, pitiful.

I was praying about it this morning and I am thinking about doing this book a bit differently. Instead of just the stories – plain and simple I am going to provide a bit of commentary on the stories. Not a lot – but a paragraph or two to tie in the stories and make them a bit more meditative. One of the advantages of doing it this way is that I can include two stories that I have lost the source of but they deeply impacted me and I want to include them.

Anyway I will just see what happens and what develops.



First Sunday of Advent – Nativity Memory Game


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Back home. Had a wonderful, wonderful Thanksgiving. Had lots of fun, ate lots of good food and went to the movies and saw the “Hunger Games 2” which I didn’t think I would like, but totally loved.

My brother Peter gave me a bowl of cookies to bring home and oh me, oh my, I can’t seem to stop eating them!

Tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent. I will have to get myself into the Advent spirit – always starts out a bit slow. On Tuesday I will go to my Bible study that is about preparing for Christmas – which is very Advent based so that should help me a lot. Plus I picked up a copy of the December (the Word Among Us) so plan to read that every day. I don’t have an Advent wreath at home this year but I will have to enjoy the one at Church that much more.

I made this Nativity memory game last week but didn’t want to put it up till after Thanksgiving. It’s a bit of fun to prepare for Christmas. If you have found the other memory games a bit of a challenge this one is a bit easier. I think because the images are so familiar to us and each image is quite distinct, unlike the turkey one in which the turkey’s looked a lot alike! With this one you have a camel, a sheep, Joseph and Mary and all the other nativity images of Christmas.

Hope you have a beautiful day filled with much Expectant Joy!