Buddy and the Tin Man

buddy-jan2015aMoving into new days of gladness and hope. Yesterday I finished my last training course in Salem. It was really an amazing training time. I learned a lot and feel more confident at being able to handle some of the things I might come up with working in the CCS  (Catholic Community Services) home. In fact I am excited to go to work today and look at things with a new perspective.

This is a picture of Buddy I took on Saturday. I was getting ready to go out with my sister Barb and I was standing in front of my house waiting for her to arrive. I looked in the window and there was Buddy looking out. Was too cute. He likes to sit on the chair and look out so I open the curtains a bit so he has a better view.

corvallis_tin_manAnother picture I took on this same day was of this cute tin man in Corvallis. He stands about eight feet tall. Across the street (at a car place I think) are some more figures made this way. I will get pictures of them next time. Just love them. So far I don’t know too much about them but I think I will try to find out.

Update on Book

I have decided to slow down again with the book. With the new job and the big training curve of learning things every day I found I was just too brain tired when I came home at night to work on the book. I just wanted to read something light (like Harry Potter) and watch something on NetFlix. No matter how much I tried to kick myself to sit down at the computer I just couldn’t do it. So I decided to take stock of life at the moment and adjust accordingly.

I have three more days of being in training and then in February I start actually working the floor. So then I think things will start fitting into more of a rhythm and I can get back with the book.

Okay – now had best get myself out the door and get to work. Hope you have a wonderful, super filled day in the Lord.




2 thoughts on “Buddy and the Tin Man”

  1. What exciting days! Training and looking forward to serving others! And love love love the kitty pic! Now….where is Pudge? We need a pic of him too!
    It will be interesting to hear the story behind the tin man and his friends! Enjoy your days and evenings……great to sit back with a book…….or catch a decent movie on netflix!
    Sounds like happy and comfortable times!
    The book fits in, when you want it to! Right?

    love………Louise Ann

  2. Hi Patricia
    Glad you like your job. Sounds like quite a bit to learn. You are wise to put all on hold with the book until you are in the swing of things with work. Love the pic of Buddy, he is so pretty and the tin man is so cute. Have a great week Patricia and enjoy Pudge and Buddy and have a great weekend.

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