Jesus can use any act of love to change a life

Joy4“Jesus can use any act of love to change a life.” This was the sermon message yesterday from guest pastor – Pastor Ron Johnson at Oakville Presbyterian church. It was a great sermon I hope it got recorded because it is one I think I could easily listen to over and over again.

I finally, finally finished a section in the book that I was finding almost impossible to write. That was the part of my younger brother’s Tony’s death. It had a big miracle in it which was why I wanted to include it but still was very hard to get into it. I know for a fact it was Pastor Ron’s sermon that gave me the push to do it.

I now have most of the pieces of the book completed. A few more content edit corrections (or maybe a lot) and then I can move into grammar editing. This did not become a 30 day wonder as I was hoping but at least that 30 day push got most of the book written and that was a major. The biggest obstacle to all endeavors is getting started.

I am hoping to have it laid out in book form in the next few days and then anyone who is willing to give it a read and give some feedback on it I will be very grateful for. Part of the slow down with the book is that I entered that slump period where it seems, “too long, too boring and why in the heck am I doing this anyway,” period. So its very important to get fresh eyes looking at it and give honest feedback on what to cut back, cut out, build up, forget, etc.

Now it’s time to get going. Pudge wants to go for a walk and I’m not ready for work. Zooom!

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“Only if people change will the world change; and in order to change, people need the light that comes from God, the light which so unexpectedly [on the night of Christmas] entered into our night.” Pope Francis


13 thoughts on “Jesus can use any act of love to change a life”

  1. Hi Patricia,

    Would love to read and critique the book. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. Your book will be wonderful, it is your journey and an interesting one. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Happy New Year Patricia !

  2. My, how life has changed for you in the last couple of years,Patricia. God has sent you many twists and turns & you’ve done beautifully on the roller coaster ride.

    I wish you many more blessings in 2015!

    1. You sure hit the nail on the head with that statement! I can hardly believe it has almost been five years though since I was in the monastery. In some ways it feels like forever and other days like yesterday. Life is so weird like that!

      I wish you many blessings in 2015 as well. God bless you lots!

  3. Welcome back. Glad you have progress. That is positive. Sure it will be awesome. I would love to see your progress and let you know my thoughts. I hope you have a blessed New year 2015. I am having a quiet one do not enjoy being in mob. Better seeing ball drop on T.V. Be blessed. ‘KATHY OFS Siochan Agus matches.

    1. Thanks so much, Joan. This book of course is very different from the others that I have done – but hopefully you will like it and find it inspiring as well. I will send you a review (pdf) copy in a few days.

  4. Happy New Year Patricia! Glad to hear your book is almost done. Can’t wait to see it on the store shelves! I pray many blessings & peace,to you in this new year!

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