First Book Draft is Done

If I'm Not Me Who Will Be?Hurray! The first draft of the book is done. I am now going to work on layout for the next two days and then offer a free download version for anyone who wants to read it while I work on editing, creating a final cover and lots of other stuff to get it ready for printing.

What was very neat was that I finished it yesterday Thanksgiving Morning. Then I went to a Thanksgiving Service at Oakville and the sermon was on the Parable of Talents. This was also the sermon (as my sister Barb reminded me) of the previous Sunday’sΒ sermon at St. Mary’s. AND what is even more amazing (to me) is that during my time at Guest House it was this same topic that I heard from a priest visiting from Croatia that helped me to see that using my talents was something that God not only wants us to do but instructs us to do. So it was like a triple confirmation that writing this book was using my talents.

Here is another book cover. I’m sure it’s a long way from the final one – but appreciate your thoughts.



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  1. I really like this new book cover!! It is colorful, cheery and shows an older version of yourself as well as the new version…it would catch my eye on a shelf in a bookstore….Glad you finished the book!!

  2. Wow great cover I like. AMEN God sends messages loud and clear and he sent you this one in different situations. But with the headline TALENTS I look forward to seeing the finished copy. so use your talents and continue doing great work with this book. Blessings this Holiday7 Season. Kathy OFS Siochan Agus Maitheas

  3. Congratulations on finishing and good luck.
    I would put a comma behind “Me” in the title and cut back on the color. At least is looks very bright and even harsh on my computer, but it may just be my reception.

  4. Wow to the cover, it is fabulous, would love an email version to read your story while you are editing. I know the book is phenomenal. God works his wonders on and with us and he works in mysterious ways. It would be a sin to waste your talent. So to say. πŸ™‚

    Love he cover. Eager for the book to go to print.

    Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving !

    1. Hope to have a downloadable print on Monday – December 1st. God has helped me tremendously in getting the book done and I think it has been healing in some ways as well. Not too sure what the reception will be – maybe I revealed too much. Sometimes I do that!

  5. The cover is great and I am just delighted for you that you set out to do this project, stuck to it, and have the first draft completed (already)! That is awesome! I’d love to read the entire book very soon.

    Very happy for you Patricia! πŸ™‚

  6. Dear Patricia,
    This is “super good” ! I would like to read you book. “God works in mysterious ways.” Your hard work
    made (writing the book) at the time you wanted it done! Good for you !
    Your Canadian “fan”.. Geraldine Nelson

    1. Thanks Geraldine! Glad to have all the Canadian fans I can get! Only been over the border once but was beautiful country! My niece married a Canadian and my Uncle and his family moved to Canada over 30 years ago I think. Neither show any signs of coming back! πŸ™‚ Well, they do come back for visits – but then they just scurry right back over the border.

  7. I like the cover but I think you need a picture of you in your other uniform – the Navy!
    I am anxious to read your draft. It is so nice to receive confirmation from God through the Scriptures that you are on the right path in using your talents. You have been working very hard on this book.
    God bless.

    1. Well, I wish I had a picture of me in the Navy – but I don’t. Even the bootcamp pictures are all grainy and in black and white and wouldn’t really look good on the cover. Besides I looked sort of ghoulish. They took really bad pictures. Not just me all the photos are horrible.

  8. Well , Happy Thanksgiving ; you made it even happier . You set your goal and made it reality . I’d love to read the download ! I KNEW you could do it . I hope you end up going on a road tour and come to Canada’s east coast to little old Prince Edward Island , where I live in the capital city ! I’d love to meet you !!
    Hugs , Jo

  9. The cover is interesting. I cannot wait to read the book. I loved the first chapters & can’t wait to see the changes you have made.

    1. I think the changes at least for those first three chapters are quite dramatic. My friend that helped me to see I needed to make those changes is going to help me with the rest of the book. So will be interesting if she thinks I did a better job or not.

    1. Thanks Linda. I would certainly love success – but at least the fact that I did it at all I am counting as success. Have been wanting to do it for a long time so as one friend says, “It’s good to get it done and get it out of your system!”

  10. Congratulations Patricia! The new cover is very nice and is definitely eye-catching. Can’t wait to read the rest of the book.

  11. Glad you finished the book. The new cover is hard to read the title with the cover so busy to many colors. It’s eye catching but hard to read. Good luck getting everything ready.

    1. The cover is quite eye-catching and although a little busy, it’s sure to attract a lot of attention in the bookstores!! I don’t think I’ll read it till I can buy a copy of my own. Thanks for the offer!

  12. Hi Patricia,

    So happy you finished your book. I look forward to purchasing books and giving as gifts and of course, getting one for myself. I pray you continue to have success and the book is very profitable for you. You a re so special and God certainly gave you a wonderful talent. Mary God Bless You Always.
    Love & Peace,

  13. PS – Still like the very first cover – I am probably the only one that does. Nevertheless, that would be my first choice.

  14. I really like the cover you have, as I think in my mind it is you. It is Eye catching, shows good pictures of you throughout your life, with a sense of humor like you have and I do think the title is right one for what seems to be what you are trying to say.

    Can’t wait to read your book.


  15. Congratulations on finishing the book and on the cover!! So happy for you and excited to read ‘the rest of the story’ as that famous radio host used to say. The colors on your cover really make it pop and stand out, while giving it a sense of joy, so I really like that. I also like your choice and size of the different pictures. What I’m not loving is the jaggedness of the angles around your pictures. I’m wondering, because I don’t know what it would look like altogether, but still am wondering if maybe doing the pictures inside of a round shape with colored rays emanating from them? Something to tie in the different sizes of pictures, that is softer. …or maybe ovals. I don’t know, it’s just a thought and you might do it and I might not like it. lol. Helpful, aren’t I?

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