Moving forward! 10 chapters written

Been hitting the old book writing hard and heavy!

Making great progress after the initial rewrite of the first three chapters. Much better. There will still be tons more editing but it is starting to hang together and make more sense.

I was hoping to keep the book to 12 chapters but may have 13-15. Believe it or not I am still hoping to get er done by the end of the month! Which is why I have not been keeping up to date here very much.

Today I am completing Chapter 11 and have over 45,000 words. I was planning to just do 40,000 which would have been a small book but now looks like it will be regular sized between 50,000 – 60,000.

I am so glad that I wrote the chapters about living in the monastery back in 2010 when things were much more fresh. I am doing a little rewrite of them but the hard word of remembering was all done. Thanks God!

The first 3 chapters of the book are a bit depressing I think but once I get into the monastery the tempo picks up and becomes much more cheerful and positive. The time in the monastery was a great period of my life and I hope to remain true to that.

So this is just a note to let you know I’m keeping on track and pushing forward!



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  1. So glad to hear from you Patricia! I was wondering how you were doing and hoping you were not bogged down by all the feed back and rewriting! So way to go girl! Keep on trucking!

  2. Hi

    Fabulous Patricia, the book will be wonderful and will sell. Have you chosen a title, or still deciding? Many blessings on the book, it will be a best seller. I know i am buying several copies. Blessings to you.

    1. Thanks Cathy!

      Pretty much decided to stick with If I’ Not Me Who Will Be at this point. Will have to come up with a good sub-title though.

      Thanks for offering to buy copies sight unseen! You’re the best!

    1. I really hope I can do some book signings and get about with the book. Maybe it will open some doors for doing some speaking or something. Who knows? Not sure even yet what direction the book will go and who it will most appeal to – which of course one is supposed to know before writing. I guess mostly Catholics in recovery.

    1. Thanks Mim, Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. Will be spending it with my sister here in Albany. Was planning on going to Seattle with more of my family but that sort of changed but will go next year.

  3. Love all the chapters of your book so far. I can see where this is a real healing process for you. Good luck May God bring many Blessings upon you after writing this book. It will be a blessing to many who read this .HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

  4. It’s Great that you are sticking to your guns to get it done . Can’t wait to get the book when it’s done. Happy Thanksgiving

  5. Good for you Patricia
    I’m so glad to hear from you that your book is coming along !. Can I buy a copy , here in Canada?
    I have been following your blog and I will keep you in my prayers. You’ re doing great!
    Kind regards, Geraldine Nelson

    1. Hi Geraldine,

      For sure – I will have it on Amazon as well as copies here that I will be able to send anywhere. The only thing the postage to Canada is steep – but I will send it as a gift and that might help.

  6. Great to hear Patricia! When I hadn’t seen any updates lately I figured you were writing like mad…good for you! VERY interested to read more and hear about your time in the monastery. A blessed & joyful Thanksgiving to you & those you love!

    Karen in Commerce Township, MI 🙂

    1. Thanks Karen, I’ve moved through several chapters of my time in the monastery and now on the final home stretch. This chapter now is about my time at Guest House then it’s my time after that till the present. So getting close! There is an end in sight!

  7. I very much agree with this being a healing process! A wonderful thing that happens when writing one’s story! Blessings for sharing and a blessed Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks Louise Ann, For sure – I think everyone should write their story. That’s sort of what I think will be neat in heaven. We will all be able to know each other’s story and in doing that I think be filled with awe how amazing God is to work uniquely with each of us.

  8. Good to hear from you, and happy to hear that the book is coming along. I am sure it will be great. Glad you included the Monastery since that was an important part of your life.

  9. Keep on plugging along. You’re doing great. I’m anxious to read your book when its done. I’ve read all the rest of them and loved them all. God bless your with all your efforts.

  10. Welcome back. Glad to hear you are making progress. Just keep on going so you get done on schedule. But remember it’s God’s time too so let him help by sending the Holy spirit to guide you and soon the words will flow through you on to the paper to make a wonderful book. Peace of St. Francis.

    1. Hi Kathy – Well, I have no doubt at all but that the Holy Spirit is helping me. I have tried to write this book a couple of times but it never made much headway. This time I think the time is right and God is helping me push it to completion with much more speed and depth than I ever thought possible.

  11. God bless you , Pat . I knew you could do it ! I tend to be a procrastinator .All the more power to you ,because I know I have problems getting things accomplished ! It’s wonderful that you had your memos of your life in the monastery to go on ,because sooooo much could have been forgotten .When I went to Europe with a friend ,years ago ,I kept a daily journal of our trip { I didn’t procrastinate there } I had so many things which I remembered because of that ,that ,if I mention something to her that we did or saw , she’s apt to say , ‘did we ? ‘ It really is the best way to keep things fresh in your mind .I can remember your stories of the dog ,cat and bird in the monastery ;I can no longer remember their names ;but you had such wonderful stories about your life there and the animals were always a part of each .You have a true knack for writing interesting material . I hope you soon finish and have your book snatched up by a publisher . Maybe you’ll get to tour ,and you may come to PEI ,Canada ! WOW ! Our Thanksgiving was last month . I am attending an American Thanksgiving dinner here , though . So ,have a wonderful Thanksgiving ; you have another thing to be thankful for – an almost finished book . Bless you !

    1. Hi Joanne, Yes – I know your Thanksgiving was last month. I hope it was a good one. I think we should share both of them – since our countries are so close together. I have family in Canada so it almost seems like just a skip and a jump from one country to another.

      That is very neat that you kept a journal during your time in Europe. I wish I had kept a journal through some of my times in the Navy. That would be interesting to me now. Ooops! Moaning kitty must go fill supper dish . . .

      Okay back from that little break. Some cats are a bit impatient. Maybe Buddy was reading over my shoulder and wanted to speak up since you mentioned about my sharing about the pets in the monastery. Sr. Jane is taking care of Pi and loves him a lot so that is nice to know.

      Will go back to work on the book as soon as I finished these comments. Forgot actually that people might have actually written somethings. Shows how immersed I am in this project!

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