Should I? Or Shouldn’t I?

Well it’s like this. Things were going along pretty well with my job at the church and two social media clients. Then I started praying to get back to what I really love which is working on this site  . . . And lo and behold . . . God heard my prayer.

I lost both Social Media clients within two weeks.


Of course there is no way I can live on my Church job. It doesn’t even pay the rent. So I now have “LOTS” of time to work on this site but not so much for things like keeping a roof over my head and buying a bit of food for me, Pudge and Buddy.

So I’m going to step out in faith again and do a book. I haven’t had too good of luck with getting this done lately (so please don’t roll your eyes). Smile. Here’s the part where I need your input.

I have two books in mind. One a second book on the rosary and the other – a small book about my journey of faith  – [before thepaperbackbookstanding_200px monastery – 25 years in the monastery and my life such as it is today.] It won’t be anything bestselling but I wrote 11 chapters of this book while I was still in the monastery so that will be authentic for telling my joy of being a nun – and then I will add new material about living outside the monastery which has a joy of its own I hope as well.

101new_rosary200pxWill you help me to decide which one to work on first? I do plan to do both at some point in life. And of course if you think I should abandon either book idea and go get a job as a dishwasher you can vote for that too!

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28 thoughts on “Should I? Or Shouldn’t I?”

  1. Hi Patricia, A must is If I’m Not Me – Who Will I Be, that is a must for sure. Sorry to hear you lost both your Social media clients. I was not sure if you were still working part time at the laundry and at the church. God will provide and all will work out. I think the book is a fabulous idea. For me it is a go for If I’m Not Me – Who Will I Be. Sounds wonderful, interesting, inspiring,etc.
    Take good care Patricia. Let us know which book you will write. I will be eager to purchase your next book.

    1. Thanks dear Cathy! So far it looks like the memoir is winning at the poll. Which is good because that is what I want to do first. Anyway I haven’t had much luck in collecting stories lately so this one is all up to me and no one to blame but me if it doesn’t work out.

      I started a 10 Rosary novena to help with my income and this as crazy as it may seem is what seems to be the direction for going ahead. I am looking for other work of course but I think God has opened this door right now to try this.

      So I am off and running!

  2. Why not try to return to the Nursing Home part time, so you do have a pay check coming in–but diligently apply yourself to work on one of the books, and see how that works out? Having been a librarian for 25 years, and meeting many, many authors during that career, writing and getting published is two different things. I know the Monastery self-published through St. Anthony’s, but would you have the finances to do that? It is rather risky business, and not an easy cross-over from a self publisher to being published by a major book publisher. It can be done, but I have only met one author who has done it successfully, and was picked up by a major publisher. I don’t want to sound like “sour grapes”, but after nearly 82 years in this world, and having had a rather successful career, I do think each of us has to think carefully about providing for our upkeep first, and then work on our hobbies, desires, or whatever, as a side-line until they produce enough revenue that we can safely quit a job and live on the profits from our efforts in the literary field. I admire your trust in God that he will provide for you, but I have also learned that He expects us to make intelligent decisions that we are able to provide for our needs. Just my thoughts–and I am sure there won’t be many others agreeing with me on this issue.

    1. Hi LaVern,

      Well, I do understand about having an income coming in. I really do. The problem with working at the Indpendent Living place was that when I did that I would come home so tired I had zero energy to do anything. Pudge was lucky if he got a walk.

      So this is my crazy, crazy plan. I have enough money to pay for one more month of rent. I am going to write like crazy and finish the book (bad as it will be) in a month and see if enough people will buy it to pay for another month of rewrites. And will just keep doing that for as long or as little as it works.

      I will go the “Print on Demand” route with Amazon’s Create Space and only have books printed as they are ordered. That way I am not out of any money.

      I may also do a Kickstarter campaign but not sure about that and probably not for the first couple of months anyway.

      If people like the book or not hopefully I will get feedback to rewrite and make it better. I’m not aiming to make it a literary work but rather do it just as my dear friend, Father Sebastian would say. “I am just telling you my story. You can take it or leave it. This is just what happened to me.”

  3. I think I would like the book about your journey in faith. We don’t often have a chance to read anything about someone who has lived your kind of life in the monastery and then where you are now.

    God Bless

    1. Thank you Karen. I think the book will be good for me to write too – a sort of post therapy perhaps. I was rereading what I have written so far – and it jumps all over the place (as my mind tends to do) so it will need a lot of work to make people not get too dizzy reading it!

      I am hoping to share each chapter as I do it and get feedback on where I am off track. And hopefully people will give me the guidance and critiques to make it better.

  4. I would be interested in the book on your journey. With your many interests and inspirations you may be able to save some ideas for your other book as you go, so that when you are ready to write it will come together easily. Please go easy so you don’t burn yourself out. Always glad to hear from you. God bless.

    1. Hi Theresa,

      Yes, I will put the other book(s) on the back burner – but for now I am going to go gung-ho! Yep, I do burn myself out – this is true. But sometimes I am worse when I just stale out. This project gives me hope and happy thoughts.

      Of course beginning projects always do have that initial burst of crazy energy – but I am going to keep praying the rosary and beg my Blessed Mama to keep me on track!

    1. Oh it will be totally fun to write! I think so. I will probably have to lock my doors so that they don’t come and haul me away with their little white coats because it will be crazy. But definitely fun to do and I hope, hope fun to read!

    1. Oh that’s true. There must be a movie. Let’s see who would play the part of me? Too bad Sandy Duncan of the Flying nun is no longer into that kind of thing. I certainly have taken flights of fantasy in my life if not actually flying through the air ones.

  5. I vote for “If I am note me, then who will be.” Even the title is catchy. By the way, I was not given the option of responding to the poll, thus the comment. Love you!

    1. Thanks Euli!

      Being my sister your vote count as two!

      Yes – I noticed this morning that the poll didn’t work when I sent it out. It works on the website but not sending it through the email. Tricky little bugger. Always something.

      By the way in this book no names are being changed to protect the innocent. The way I figure it there are no innocent parties – everyone is guilty as charged and they should just face up to it. Of course when I tell about John cutting MY kewpie doll into pieces and then sewing on material to make it have movable legs and arms and THEN giving it to my mom as a present!!! That is just basic facts and he was guilty of a whole number of things and I’m still carrying a grudge. . .

  6. I wasn’t able to respond to the poll so I’ll tell you here. Without a doubt your memoirs. The stories you share here and all through the years are always so interesting, I can’t imagine the book being any different. Sorry to hear of your job losses and I pray that God will be guiding you through each day.

    1. Thanks Charlotte – well I am sorry to lose the income of course but not sorry to have a chance to move into a new direction. I am excited about doing the book and if I can just keep that momentum going and git er done -that will be wonderful. Super thanks for the Prayer! I am trying to stay connected to God as much as I can with this.

  7. Patricia, please get a job as a dishwasher WHILE you work on your books.
    It’s obvious that God is leading you, and He will lead you to something that will
    pay the rent and food as you work on your projects.

    I will pray for His guidance to be strong and “readable”!


  8. Hi Patricia! Very good to hear from you. Since you have to have a roof over your heads & food, then I suggest getting a job AND working on the book “If I’m not Me…” as time & inspiration allow. Since I had two aunts that were nuns (one who subsequently left for a life not in the convent any longer), I think your story while in the monastery & now would be very interesting AND I LOVE the title. May the Holy Spirit fill you with guidance and peace. 🙂

  9. I vote for If I’m not me . If it’s more personal it would be easier to work on Maybe ?? and more interesting to read if it’s a true story. Hope you find a new job soon ,can you go back to the retirement center?

  10. Patricia,
    The first thing you need to do is get a job to pay expenses. Have you looked into what is available in public assistance, for the short term? Many have job assistance and free training. You would make a great hospital chaplain. I think you autobiography would be great life experience is always helpful to the reader.
    Good lick and Happy All saints Day.

  11. It’s me Kathy OFS I think the one about Patrica is my favorite choice and it looks like that is in the lead. I love hearing about peoples lives they are so interesting. And since we followed you on line it stands to reason we would like the whole package in a book format. I will pray that a wind fall comes along for you money wise. Part time work could help and limiting your hours to 4hrs a day may help. You know what’s best. Much success in your decision.

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