God Loves us

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Quote: “Whoever is happy will make others happy too.” Anne Frank

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Today I had a nice surprise. A friend that I met at the Bible study I was going to called and asked if I would like to go to a movie sometime. There was one playing in Corvallis that she wanted to see. Her  daughter had told her about it and was unable to take her but suggested she call and see if I wanted to go. So she called, and I thought it was a great idea and we went and enjoyed it very much! The movie was, “Saving Mr. Banks ” the story of the making of the movie Mary Poppins. If you get a chance to see it I’m sure you would like it. Walt Disney is played by Tom Hanks.

Pudge is bugging me – like he should be having another treat. Let me tell you he has already gotten over his quota for the day. There is something about that dog that reminds me a lot of me!

Only two more days of 2013 – very hard to believe. This last month I concentrated as much as possible on not worrying about anything but “loving Jesus.” I can hardly explain what a difference this month has been for me by doing that. Most amazing. Every day I try to remember to ask Mary to help me love her Son. That is the only thing differently I have done. Just ask Mary to help me love her Son.

I haven’t prayed extra prayers or done anything different except when I ask Mary to help me love her Son she has showed me how much her Son loves me! Just as I am. Not telling me to do more or be more. But every day I have become more and more aware of God’s love for me in so many ways. Now with the start of the new year that is going to be my focus for the year – keep asking Mary to help me love her Son.

One thought that has been coming to mind the last couple of days is this. “What if I put as much energy into living a life of  “Joy in Jesus,” as other people do in their pursuit of other things. What if I didn’t care if people thought me but only cared about what Jesus thought of me. Wouldn’t that be different?

Maybe not so different from going into a Monastery and living 28 years there but still there is always a holding back, a not giving all to the cause because “whatever would people think?” One thing that going to Guest House did for me was to reveal how much of a “people pleaser” I am. It’s in the very fiber of who I am. That is why I pray to Mary to help me to love her Son because on my own I get caught up in being respectable. You know, holy and all that but not really crazy holy more like the “respectable holy.”

And not that there is a lot of me that is not holy at all – not going into that – but the essence of life as I see it today, is not what we do for God – but that we just become aware of what God is doing for us, that no matter what happens God is loving us and doing everything every single day to make us happy. That’s it. God wants our happiness more than we want it ourselves.

Rosary Book Update for Monday – Dec 30, 2013


Day 55 of Book Production
119 days till Publication
Today’s Rosary Story from First Book:We do not hesitate to affirm publicly that we put great confidence in the Holy Rosary for the healing of evils which afflict our times.
Pope Pius XII

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5 thoughts on “God Loves us”

  1. Patricia,
    I saw “Saving Mr. Banks” this past Friday with my daughter, Brenda. We loved it and so pleased that there is no foul language throughout the whole movie which is unusual in movies any more. So glad you got to see it. My saying is always, “Let Go and Let God,” It is not an easy path but when we realize that God loves us regardless, it is easier. So glad that life gets brighter for you each day. Pudge is definitely a plus for you as you enjoy him so much.
    Have a Blessed Day & God Bless Always,
    Mary B.

  2. Hi, The movie sounds wonderful, saw previews on TV and looks very good.
    My mother had great devotion in the Blessed Mother and said when each of her children were born she asked the Blessed Mother to look over them and care for them.
    One of the priests that taught me in High School had a wonderful devotion to the Blessed Mother also, he stressed to us the power of 3 Hail Mary’s and to this day I say 3 Hail Mary’s. Wonderful priest and man and example. You are spreading the word Patricia and doing a great job.

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