Christmas stove, Christmas books and days before Christmas

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kitchen_stove Today has been an almost Christmas day and it hasn’t even arrived yet. I woke up this morning and went out into the kitchen and there was my beautiful new stove. Somehow it took a day for it to settle in and feel at home but it looked just right and where it should be this morning. I made myself a pancake and wonder of wonders I didn’t even have to swing the frying pan to a just so position so that it would lie flat on the burner. I just set it down and it was perfectly flat. How nice is that? And of course it cooked more evenly. I hadn’t really even thought what a difference it would make to have burners that were flat and not a bit turned up on end.

Then I went to Oakville for the service there. My friend Edith who lives at the Villas has gone to that church for over 25 years I think and now most Sundays I pick her up and we go together. We have such a fun, gossipy, chatty time on our way too and fro. Lots of times we just come home after the service but today we stayed for a bit of fellowship and that was very fun and of course delicious as they had yummy treats.

When I came home the sun was shinning and the world was inviting me to go back out into it. So Pudge and I went for a short trip to the library where I finally got some Christmas books to read! I got three.

A Christmas Blizzard is what I am reading now.  It is by Garrison Keillor – you may know of him from his radio program A Prairie Home Companion. So just like his radio show it is very funny, wry humor. It is the one I decided to start first. It is in very large print so even though it is over 300 pages I will probably get through it today or at least tomorrow.

Then I have Dashing Through the Snow by Carol Higgins Clark. I am hoping this will be good, but no idea. One book I read by her I wasn’t so excited about but this one looks good. So we shall see.

And the last is Christmas Jars by Jason F. Wright. No idea about this book either but someone recommended it in the comments of the posts I shared a few days ago that Cathy sent me. So I made me a list of possible Christmasy books, checked online to see if they were available and then went and got them.

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4 thoughts on “Christmas stove, Christmas books and days before Christmas”

  1. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas,Patricia & a blessed New Year!
    Go ahead & enjoy the new stove/oven & bake some cookies.

    Thank you for all the puzzles,etc. you post for all of us.

  2. Hi, your kitchen is lovely and the stove is beautiful. So nice to have a nice new stove. Wonderful you had such a great time at church and stayed for fellowship and treats. I saw the movie the Christmas Jar on Hallmark channel and it was very good, did not read the book. Hope the Christmas books you selected are wonderful and you enjoy them. Glad you and Pudge got out for a walk in the fresh air. Have a great rest of the evening Patricia.

  3. Patricia,
    Your stove looks lovely–so nice and neat. Glad that it worked so well for you.
    I think you really enjoyed this lovely Sabbath Day and my guess is that Pudge did also. Enjoy reading your Christmas books.
    God Bless,
    Mary B.

  4. Love your new stove!
    It looks absolutely great!

    Merry Christmas early!!
    Enjoy all your new experiences with cooking and baking!

    I read “Christmas Jars” this month. It was an easy read and has a powerful message about putting the needs of others before our own.

    Have a blessed holiday season!

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