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Quiet day. This was Senior Lunch at the church – and the ladies made another delicious meal. Totally scrumptious delumptious! Definite benefit for working at the Church!

Other than that nothing spectacular about the day. A good day though – just a quiet one. I’m always looking for miracles and things like that and of course they are all around but I like the ones with a bit of excitement to them. Probably better be careful not to get too exciting ones though. Don’t really want to be hit by lightening and knocked off my horse even if I need it!

Think I will play a game of Mahjong and do the Word Search puzzle and then think about bed. Nice way to end the day. I’ve been reading stories from one of my favorite books before I turn out the light. I have shared it before. Small Miracles for Women by Yitta Halberstam and Jdith Leventhal.

Cathy Almeter shared with me two nice links for Christmas books to read after I was mentioning here that I wanted to read something Christmasy. I hope to go to the library tomorrow and find one or two of them. Here are the links in case you want to check them out as well.

Christmas Novels for Adults 

Christmas Books for Children and Adults

Rosary Book Update for Monday – Dec 19, 2013


Day 44 of Book Production
130 days till Publication
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I Want to be Repaid

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Fun & Rosary story”

  1. Patricia,
    You started my day just right. I love your play on words. My daughter’s closest friend growing up and still to this day does that such as “Nope & Spope” and it has a way of making one feel in a light hearted mood. So glad you are working at the church and enjoying it and especially the luncheon .. I find that meeting people of different faiths can be so enjoyable and enhances our lives. We are all God’s children and there won’t be different sections in Heaven for different faiths. Enjoy your day!!!!!!!
    God Bless,
    Mary B.

  2. Yes Miracles are wonderful. I got up today and had a cup of tea that is a miracle from God. Just breathing and getting up. Another Miracle and Blessing was to find out months ago that I can be with family for Christmas. So it will be wonderful. We talk via phone but now in person will so exciting. It’s been 4yrs. I hope you all get to be blessed with a miracle whether big or small God has blessings for us all. Kathy OFS Siochan Agus Maitheas.

  3. Cute and festive puzzle, thank you. I am preparing for 23 coming for Christmas eve dinner, will be a house full. Took Henry to the vet this morning and he gained 5 lbs, so Henry needs to watch his weight. Vet said the dog bones are like cookies and if they have too many they gain weight just like we do. He is a cute boy.
    Have a blessed day Patricia and a great weekend coming up. So glad the luncheon was nice and the food delicious. I think the church job is a great job for you, you are using so many of your skills. Wonderful.

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