Should I? Or Shouldn’t I?

Well it’s like this. Things were going along pretty well with my job at the church and two social media clients. Then I started praying to get back to what I really love which is working on this site  . . . And lo and behold . . . God heard my prayer.

I lost both Social Media clients within two weeks.


Of course there is no way I can live on my Church job. It doesn’t even pay the rent. So I now have “LOTS” of time to work on this site but not so much for things like keeping a roof over my head and buying a bit of food for me, Pudge and Buddy.

So I’m going to step out in faith again and do a book. I haven’t had too good of luck with getting this done lately (so please don’t roll your eyes). Smile. Here’s the part where I need your input.

I have two books in mind. One a second book on the rosary and the other – a small book about my journey of faith  – [before thepaperbackbookstanding_200px monastery – 25 years in the monastery and my life such as it is today.] It won’t be anything bestselling but I wrote 11 chapters of this book while I was still in the monastery so that will be authentic for telling my joy of being a nun – and then I will add new material about living outside the monastery which has a joy of its own I hope as well.

101new_rosary200pxWill you help me to decide which one to work on first? I do plan to do both at some point in life. And of course if you think I should abandon either book idea and go get a job as a dishwasher you can vote for that too!

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Contest Winner and Weekend at the Oregon, Coast

Betty B. is the winner of the Amazon Gift Card Contest. Congratulations!

Thank you for everyone who participated. I think there was only about ten but hopefully the ten found it fun. The bad thing about contests is there is usually only one winner. The next time I do a contest I shall come up with at least a small prize for everyone who participates.

big_stump_beach_waldport_oregonWell as per normal I am not keeping up with what I said I would keep up with. So what else is new? Did have a great time at the Ocean though! Wow o Wow! It was truly the best time ever. Surprisingly late September and early October is the best time to be at the coast in Oregon. The weather was balmy, the winds were low and every day was the best imaginable. Of course we were only there a short weekend but it was a wonderful one. This was the place we stayed at. The beach is called Big Stump beach, because of this big stump from a giant sequoia. The stump is over 1700 years old and the roots must go down deep and hard for it to stay upright and solid during year after year of the waves rushing in and out. During high tide it is almost submerged and probably is totally during the winter.

The picture is of my sister Barb and her dog, Oscar. I took Pudge of course. The dogs go crazy at the beach. They run and run and run and have so much fun. It is almost worth it just to take them!

Last year I talked about having a week at the beach and inviting anyone who wanted to come (well, ladies that is)  and we would have a fun week. Another thing I didn’t follow through on (the list is endless isn’t it?) anyway I really, really am going to do it for next year. It is just way too much fun too miss! During the off season (which is the best season for Oregon coast) the cottage we stayed at was only $125.00 a night for six people. Add the taxes and the whole bill for the weekend was about $380.00 but still that seemed an awesome time for not a ton of money. The biggest expense for everyone would be the travel of course! But maybe if we start planning now we could actually do it for next year! Let me know if you are interested. This time I would actually book us a place ahead of time and then we would have a concrete date and place to make it a reality. Something to think about.

I’m also way behind in the Beth Moore Bible study. The group is on Day 23 I think and I’ve reached the top of the hill of Day 11 and coasting down into Day 12. But what the heck I’m taking the Bible study for myself so as long as I keep pushing forward and get something out of it, it’s all good.

beth_moore_bible_study_day_10 beth_moore_bible_study_day_11I still am making a Pinterest Pin for each day just at a slower pace. Made two  now for days 10 and 11. Not sure if anyone else likes them or not but they help me to pick out the gem that I find the most powerful for each day. And just perhaps doing them is the PUSH I need to stay the course. I always needs lots of push.

buddy_in_bedSo every day there are a number of things I don’t always get to. Living alone with no one to check up on if I get the dishes washed, the bed made, the floor vacuumed can be a recipe for disaster. But here is proof that it’s not all negative.

Hope you have a very wondeful, blessed and joy-filled day.


It’s time to win a prize!

I have been wanting to try doing a raffle for some time but keep putting it off because I think it is too complicated. But I finally decided it was time to just do it!

So here is my first raffle. I am doing it for my friend, Nancy McGuirk who has a Bible Teaching ministry. She is a popular author and speaker in Atlanta, Georgia.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I have no idea if a raffle will actually encourage people to check her site out or not – but worth a try right?

The prize is a $25 Gift card to Amazon. I picked that because it offers lots of choices of what you might like to get. The contest just runs a week – starting today. It’s more of an experiment than anything and hopefully if people like doing the raffle I will offer a few more of them. If you do think it is fun and enter will you also share with anyone who likes Bible studies and God stuff!

You can share a tweet more than once I think. (That’s the way it is supposed to work – let me know if it doesn’t)

I will be doing another Beth Moore update. I have fallen behind in it obviously but I go to the group meeting tonight so that should re energize me!

And guess what else is energizing me? I’m going to the ocean for the weekend! Exciting! It’s more of a spur of the moment thing because my nephew is coming back home for a visit and we wanted to celebrate! So my sister (his mom) and husband will be going and hopefully my other sister from Seattle will be coming too. Fun. Fun. Fun.

So that’s my little update. But don’t forget the contest! Please give it a try and let me know what you think. The prize will be awarded by a random drawing on Wednesday, October 15th.

Beth Moore Bible Study – Day 9 – God is at Work in You

beth_moore_bible_study_day_9I have to admit that I am not at the head of the class when it comes to Bible studies. I am more like a limpin Lizzie – always trailing a bit behind, never quite getting all the homework done, the scriptures read or the questions answered. But, even so, I  get a lot from them and God manages to steer me into new directions and fill me with new fervency with just the little that I do manage to do.

This morning I had a SUPER DUPER WAKE-UP – MIRACLE CALL! It really, really was. It’s not that it happened today – but it was today that I realized it was happening.

A week or so ago I was feeling like I was not making enough progress for one of my clients that I do Social Media for. A big part of this was that everything seemed to be blocking my attempts for pushing forward. My internet service was crawling, my laptop was dying, and my frustration level was so out of control my sister actually asked me at one point if I thought I should be on some anti-depression medicine.

So I decided to do what I always do when things get over my head and the flood waters start rising and the ark doesn’t show up at my doorstep to remove me from it all. I started praying a 30 day rosary novena. Only I don’t usually do it 30 days – I just pray 30 rosaries as much as I can and as often as I can. Sometimes 4 a day sometimes less – but I get serious with this.

So bit by bit everything changed. Everything. My laptop got fixed for only $79.00. My internet speed went from a download that was a hair above dial-up to 15 & 16 times better and I worked with a Comcast support person who helped me to get a discount so I could afford it! Thank you God. All that is really, really good – but it wasn’t until I was writing in my journal this morning and figuring out when I started praying the rosaries and when things started changing that I realized something momentous had taken place.

I didn’t realize it at the time but I got the PUSH from above to start that rosary praying on guess what day? The feast of Padre Pio! It was Padre who helped me all through my Novitiate days in the Monastery and Padre and St. Joseph and Mary who saw me through my internet ministry, book publishing, radio and everything else. So when I realized that it was Padre that was giving me a kick and a push and a pull I got a huge pick-up. So huge that as a thank-you I dusted off my prayer bones and went to Mass this morning. Something I haven’t done for a long time. (Been going on Sundays but not during the week).

Then of course I discovered it was the Feast of the Guardian Angels which I really love and it was a real Mass not just a communion service which was extra nice. So there you have it. I now know that Padre has not given up on me even if I temporarily gave up on him. You can’t imagine what a relief that is for a wimpy Catholic.

So I am not even half way through the 30 days of petition and then will start the 30 days of thanksgiving – and I have every confidence that wonderful, glorious, super-duper things will continue to unfold. Maybe not big in the eyes of the world but I know life changing things will happen.

I remember what Sister Eileen used to always tell us, “You can never out give God.”

You can try – but it’s just not going to happen.

Do you have any remembrances where you tried to do something for God and were out given by what He did in return? Please share we would all love to read them I think.


Beth Moore Bible Study – Day 8 Christ Walks Among the Churches

beth_moore_bible_study_day_8Day 8 with Beth Moore is about Jesus walking with us. Just as we are. Where we are.

It is so easy for me to slip away onto the Isle of Discontent. That mode of thought where I start thinking I’m not good enough or doing enough or load myself down with all sorts of other “not enough” baggage. Where I wonder if I should be somewhere else than where I am. Should I be doing this or should I be doing that?

Enough already, right? It’s that kind of thinking that makes me think I need to be bigger and better than just be who I am, where I am and how I am. It’s okay to be an ordinary small person and let an extraordinary BIG GOD do all the other stuff that needs to be doing.

I am trying to be very open to God in my life – but I have to stop the thinking that God is calling me to be a Super Christian. Don’t think so. I think the biggest thing God is calling me to be – is to be content where I am.

A joy-filled Christian is the best witness there is in my book. That’s my desire. To get into the mode of being joyful in all circumstances. Practice it in the little things everyday – so that if something BIG does drop down I can handle it with the same spirit of joy. Sometimes the news scares me to pieces if I think about it – but then I have to be still and trust God.

Some of the most important, important people in my life have been people that were known to very few. People like my small circle of friends and family. Like those who have followed me through my journey of faith in the monastery and out.  When I was in the monastery it was as if that identity made me into a somebody – but truthfully I am still a somebody no matter where I am.

God is with us today. God will be with us tomorrow. Where ever we are. No matter if the earth shakes and falls about us – God will be there. Whew. What a relief.