Work produced by love

e constantly remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. 

1 Thessalonians 1:3

Sunday’s sermon by Pastor John was on the first chapter of Thessalonians. Just 10 short sentences but power-packed. This is the sentence that zinged into my heart and said, “YES!” that is exactly what I need to take for my mantra for the day, the week and maybe the rest of my life.

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Work produced by Love
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I have been working a lot on the site, changing the font type, style and spacing making it easier to read. Let me know if you notice the improvement!

Here is a new Hangman puzzle for you. Monday, May 26, 2014

Good Eye report – and some faith sharing

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 s11o my new focus is to focus on Jesus. Shouldn’t be new – and of course it isn’t totally – BUT I am trying to get back into putting more focus on Jesus than I have been. One thing I have noted that whatever I read, think about or come into contact with shows up in my dream life.

This tells me that little things that I discount as relatively harmless are actually being processed in my head while I sleep. Which made me realize that old saying – “what goes in – is what comes out,” is equally true for one’s spiritual life.

And here is an amazing thing. I have started reading a book on the Gospel of John by William Barclay. It is very good. We had this series in the Monastery and though I only read one book there I decided to buy one on John and read it. It has helped me a LOT in getting my faith centered. It’s written by a Protestant and there is only one thing I found I sort of wondered about Catholic wise but it wasn’t anything major and his stuff is so good that I will definitely continue reading it. It was published in 1956 so no doubt there is much more recent study about the Gospel of John but I love this so I’m staying with it. 🙂

Oh! The amazing thing! Forgot to tell what that was. Well, since I quite my other job I have been a teensy bit nervous about finances. So rather than jump into another job right away and get overwhelmed again I decided to jump into more of “trusting in Jesus.” Part of that is reading more faith centered books. Yesterday on my way to work at Oakville Church I was praying along and I made a few faith statements to put all my worries, cares and concerns in Jesus hands. One of them being my finances. When I got home I had a check in the mail! It was from the sale of some of my books through Amazon that had sold overseas. It wasn’t huge. About $160.00 for 6 – 8 months of books but it was certainly an unexpected blessing!

And the day before that I had another unexpected financial gift that was given to me. AND there you have it. Trust in Jesus and He truly does take care of you. I know this. I’ve experienced it a zillion times and yet somehow I am always surprised when I get trapped in the worry wort mode and think it’s up to me to take care of me and then come to my senses and get back into the “faith mode.” Works inside and outside of a monastery!

lady_like_sarahSo I am now trying to find Christian fiction books to read over secular ones. Not that I will discount my favorite other authors altogether but I am taking a more active concentration on finding ones that have a Christian slant. I just finished a fun Christian romance one today that I enjoyed a lot. Definitely not a heavy book but was nice without being syrupy. I downloaded it from the library so was a free read.

It was called, A Lady like Sarah by Margaret Brownley.

Let me know if you have any Christians romance or mystery books you like. I also like children’s books a lot which I have mentioned before. Recently read one that was okay and I thought it would be good but had a few questionable things about it faith wise so don’t think I will follow up with that one.

Went to the doctor this morning and got a good report on my Shingles in the Eye. Thanks be! I have to continue with drops for a few weeks but I am off of the shingles pill every 5 hours so that is a good thing. Since the medication itself can cause glaucoma and blindness did not want to be on it any longer than I have to. On the other hand I didn’t want it to come back either – so I am glad the doctor is taking the slow route for cutting back on the drops.

Well – this is enough for now. I hope to spend a lot more time in the future working on “faith” things like this blog and maybe a book and who knows what. One day at a time Lord Jesus.