God answers prayers in surprising ways

I’m in a sort of an in between place.

I have a new job. It’s a first full time job with benefits. My first! Well since leaving the monastery that is.

Last Saturday they called me in to work at The Villas. Because of the huge amount of snow we had, people were not able to get to work and there was a lot of staff who were sick. They needed someone for the early morning shift.

Anyway they called to see if I could come to work and I said yes. Since I am only a mile from work I thought I could make it. That was Friday morning. Friday afternoon when it kept snowing and snowing I called and said unless someone can come pick me up, I can’t get out of my driveway. Vicky the director said she would pick me up! So at seven o’clock in the morning she arrives in her big SUV with her husband driving. The roads were a mess. My street never did see a plow but the main street, if it had seen one, was also ancient history. Traffic had packed the snow down in nice ruts which were actually safer than the places where it was packed down in flat beds of shiny, marbled and treacherous ice. But their big, heavy SUV had no problem. Zipped through just fine.

So I went to work and they promised to pick me up at 2:15 when my shift was over and take me home.

Pretty good service, huh? On the way back we were talking about the Villas and Vicky said that they missed me and that was nice. I told her I had been thinking of coming back if I could get enough hours and as long as I wouldn’t be taking hours from other people. She said, “Well, the lady who has been doing the graveyard shift (receptionist/cleaning) is leaving and her job is open if you want it.  She said it is full time, with benefits.

It’s one of those jobs where not everyone clamors to take it because it starts at midnight some nights and one o’clock in the morning on others and goes to eight in the morning. A few part timers like myself had already tried it and decided, “No thanks.” But I was at that happy, financial state of affairs where any kind of job that was full time with benefits sounded like a good thing! So I said, I would like to try it for a month and see if my body can handle it. At 57 one doesn’t always know just what the body is going to agree with.

Last night or morning rather was my first training day. It went quite well. I was surprised. And this was after working 4 hours at the Church, 2 hours of evening shift at the Villas (they were still short of people) and only getting a few hours of sleep before work. I will admit to being a bit weary-eyed towards the end but there is a one hour break we have to take at 6:00 and I took a nap (sort of) and felt much refreshed. So I am thinking I can do this. Hoping. It will take a bit for my time-sleep-clock to get switched around.

I was also scheduled to go to work at 10:00 at the Church again – so it was rather a marathon work experience. Got home at a bit after eight and was back on the road to another job at nine thirty. Made it through that job (pushing it) and then came home. Still too awake to go to sleep but finally at about 4:00 I went to bed. My plan was to sleep until 11:00 pm so I would be rested for another full shift – but the body refused to stay in bed after 8:00. So now I am up, drinking a cup of cocoa and sharing my tale of adventure.

The good thing is that tomorrow I have a complete day off!

So anyway this explains my “in-between” state. I haven’t gotten into the new routine yet so have yet to see how it will all work.

But here is the “God thing!”

A few days before this happened, perhaps even the day before, I wrote on a piece of paper a prayer intention for God to find me a job that I would really like, was creative, paid well and with benefits! One might as well ask big if one is going to ask, right?

So when the opportunity for this job came up, I had to wonder. Was this the job that I was going to really like, would be creative and paid well with benefits? It seemed a bit of a stretch! I mean basically aside from having to respond to emergencies for the residents the job is pretty much just janitorial. Lots of vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms! The position is labeled “receptionist” but I never once sat at the desk so that’s a bit of a stretch. And as for the pay – well – it is certainly better than part-time but I don’t think it’s much over minimum wage. So I’m scratching my head a bit and wondering.

BUT – then I got to thinking . . . if I was going to have all this time to be cleaning there would be lots of “thinking time” and that thinking time could be about writing a children’s novel. Like the one I had started months before but did not make much headway on. And because the job is at night, I can still keep my Church job and hopefully my freelance writing job. Putting the three together does make for a good salary!

So it’s too soon to know for sure – but this could definitely be a God answered prayer! Will, let you know how it goes.



Joy in Jesus – Snow Fun

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The weather is supposed to be cold again. So good time to introduce a new Snow Puzzle!

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Next month I am going on a Women’s Retreat – think I said this before. Anyway there will be about 15 of us and we are renting a house on the coast. Exactly what I hope to do in the Fall! So that will be fun and I will see how it works out and have more to share for the ‘Joy in Jesus’ retreat.

Not much going on. I am trying to find another little part time job to fill in the cracks with what I have now. No luck so far but I keep looking and I am sure the right thing will come up. I could go back to the Villas – I might – but will have to think about it a lot! 🙂